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Sep 5, 2007 07:54 AM

Just Moved To Union Square

I just moved to Union Square and I'm looking for advice on some great places in the area. I've been to 15 East for high-end sushi, and Azuki for lower end, both have been great. Any good sandwich shops? Italian delis? Other sushi I should try? Basic lunch places? Thanks a bunch.

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  1. Grey Dogs coffee just opened up, great for lunch and dinner - they have sandwiches and salads. Sushi, I like Lan, Yama, Mizu, Haru.....

    1. Avoid Steak Frites. The prices are not bad, but the food is pretty miserable.

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      1. re: ChefJune

        Duh, Union Street Cafe - I love the place! And I agree that Steak Frites' food isn't marvelous but it's a nice place and the prices really can't be beat, it'll be your place for brunch as the food is practically free!

        1. re: bronwen

          I'm with ChefJune on Steak Frites--mediocre food and AWFUL service. USC is glorified/expensive comfort food. I've had some nice dishes there but most haven't been memorable.

      2. Basic lunch: 71 Irving Place, City Bakery, Petite Abeille, 'wichcraft

        1. Republic - old standby for pan-asian & a very loud room
          Tarulucci e Vino - Italian, more of a wine bar with better lunches.
          There's a new Korean place on 18th bet. park & bway, don't know the name of it.
          I second wichcraft.

          1. mayrose
            shake shack
            paul and jimmy's
            pete's tavern
            coffee shop

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                pete's tavern has traded in its great history to be a sports bar frequented by guys with gel in their hair.