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Sep 5, 2007 07:48 AM

city dine

try using the search function for this event and it's impossible to determine if it's been talked about before.

so this is just like licious all over again but much fewer restos involved and with a touch of charity thrown in ($1 donation per MEAL served is seriously just a touch). has anyone tried this out?

i'm just curious to know if any of these types of events actually work in toronto.

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  1. I know that A Taste For Life earns a lot of money for Fife House, but it's promoted like crazy throughout the gay community, and most of the participating restaurants are packed for the event.

    Buuuttt... they also donate 15% of the total bill before tax, which works out to a lot more than $1 a meal.

    1. Hi Princess,

      There is also a note that Nestle will only donate to a maximum of $20,000.

      Which one of the restaurants/menus appeals to you most?

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      1. re: DerekJeter

        i noticed that as well.... it seems like a really far cry from supporting an organization. it would be nice if those organizations supporting the food banks of canada would do something more financially effective with an accessible price point.

        i didn't really look at any in detail (hate pdfs in ie) but though the focaccia menu looked nice.