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Sep 5, 2007 07:37 AM

Near Toronto Western Hospital?

Out of town Chowhounder meeting 2 others to vist a friend in Toronto Western Hospital, looking for a rec within walking distance (20 minutes?) for a casual dinner and drink. All foods welcome, something unique would be a bonus. thanks

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  1. TWH is close to Little Italy, Chinatown and Kensington Market:

    Little Italy: - you could probably just wander down College Street (west of Bathurst) and find a resto that catches your eye

    Chinatown: - I rec: King's Noodle, there is also a very filling Korean resto on St. Andrew St. west of Spadina but the name escapes me!

    Kensington: can't find a recent thread devoted to Kensington, but if you search the board, it's mentioned in thousands of threads. suggestions: Torito, Supermarket, etc.

    The Bellevue Diner (61 Bellevue Ave. at Nassau St.) is also very close by to TWH. I hope it is still there anyways...

    I hope your friend recovers well...

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      Torito and La Palette both on Augusta.

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        I think if you go west on Dundas yiou will find some Portuguese places.