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Sep 5, 2007 07:35 AM

Tucson Wedding Rehearsal Dinner ideas needed

We need a spot for about 30 people for a wedding rehearsal dinner in Tucson. Any ideas? Downtown/central would be best given the large number of out-of-town guests and the wedding being held downtown.

Poca Cosa is great but does anyone know if they have a private area for that size group? We also thought about getting a private room at El Charro downtown for a true Tucson experience. Further away but certainly appealing is Hacienda del Sol.

Any thoughts on these or other locations would be very much appreciated. What else should I be considering?


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  1. I don't think Poca Cosa has a facility for that many, unless they'll set aside their patio for you... that MIGHT seat 30. Downtown El Charro does have that kind of space, as I recall, but I don't know what their group policy is.

    Pastiche has nice group facilities, you might check them out.

    Kingfisher is a little less downtown, but also has a nice group room.

    1. I'd highly recommend Hacienda del Sol. They are "tops" for group events, and make the planning process a dream. I don't know about rooms at Poca Cosa. Certainly El Charro is memorable, but their party facilities are cramped and don't make for a nice group setting. I love Kingfisher, and the room is OK, but just OK. Another possibility--nice room, good food and central--is Cuvee, located on Speedway east of Country Club. They are also great to work with!

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        If you're willing to get as far east as Cuvee, they ARE terrific! I'm also wondering if any of the 6th ave / south central mexican places have party facilities. Mariachi music, margarita's and Sonoran could be a nice stress reliever for a rehersal dinner.