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Sep 5, 2007 07:19 AM

Freezing cakes?

Hi all,

I have a baby shower to host at the end of Sept for 40-50 guests and need to do some advance work...I'd like to make both red velvet and carrot cake sheet cakes and wonder if these (cakes only w/o icing) would do well to be made in advance, frozen then defrosted (and frosted!) the day before/of...I'm guessing it would work but would like advice from people who have actually tried this. Thanks!


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  1. Yes, you can freeze cakes. I've done it many times. Just make sure to wrap them well. I place each layer on a cardboard circle/square/rectangle, wrap with saran wrap and then bag them (with grocery bags or clean, new garbage bags). Also - thaw them still wrapped. If you take the wrapping off they get mushy.

    They suffer slightly in texture but it's negligible.

    Good luck!

    1. Also make sure to cook them 100% - if any residual heat is left, it will form condensation inside the saran and well, when you defrost it won't be so pretty or so good. But otherwise, freeze away.

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