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Sep 5, 2007 06:58 AM

Gramercy Tavern (Tavern Room) Recs

A friend just invited me to join him for lunch at the Tavern room on Friday. I've been to the main dining room, albeit before the recent chef change, so I'm looking for some help. First, do people have any dish recommendations? Second, and forgive my ignorance, but the Tavern room is totally casual, right? I'm a jeans and a t-shirt kinda person....

Many thanks.

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  1. I can't give you any menu recs because our experience in the Tavern Room dates back to the beginning of the year, so the current menu is different. However, regarding how to dress, yes, it is casual. However, since there are bound to be people there on lunch break from work, you will probably see some business-style attire.

    1. My last visit I had the rabbit sausage and loved it. Seafood "chowder" was also very good. The Tavern Room is the more casual room in the restaurant, but there is a mix of dress. Some people are dressed up, some people in T-shirt/khaki/sandal (even in the main dining room).

      1. For dessert, the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake with Frozen Milk is divine.

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          Yumm!!! My favorite dessert going right now! I crave it every single day.

        2. the meatball! you have to get the meatball! the cheese list is also kickass (ask for it because i think they usually bring it out at dessert time), but, really, if you could only get one thing, i'd say get the meatball.

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            I looked and it doesn't appear on the menu any more. Alas!

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              The stuffed meatball is still on the Tavern Room's menu. Scroll down to the main course section.


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                Third. I also like the soup and sandwich specials, which are usually a bargain $12. And the pulled pork. And the bacon-wrapped trout.