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Sep 5, 2007 06:08 AM

More Linthicum Gelato

"Heavenly Ice Cream", in the strip mall on the east side of Camp Meade road, just over the railroad tracks. The gelato seems to be using the machines and the recipes from the fellow I had posted about previously who has his shop/showroom on B&A boulevard.

This place in Linthicum has some very tasty stuff, based on an initial sampling of pistacchio and pina colada gelato last night. It looks like they also have Middle Eastern lunch fare - felafel, Shawarma, and so forth.

Worth checking out if you're in the Linthicum or Glen Burnie area.

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  1. do you have the address?
    I looked for the original place you mentioned on your previous post....couldn't find it...

    I'm always interested in unusual ice cream places

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    1. re: MDicecreamguy

      Sorry, I don't know the address. Try the phone book on-line?

      I drive by landmarks, mostly.

      In this case, if you know where the Linthicum Post office is, head toward the light rail tracks from there and turn into the last strip mall on your left before you get to the light rail tracks.

      I thought somebody had posted the address for the other gelato place on the prior thread, so if you still couldn't find that one, I don't know what to suggest - GPS? I'm describing the locations as precisely as I can without knowing the addresses.

      1. re: Warthog

        OK, I looked it up.

        Heavenly Ice Cream

        Heavenly Ice Cream
        529 S Camp Meade Rd, Linthicum Heights 21090

        Contact Information:
        Phone: 410-694-9423

    2. I had a chance to talk to the woman who runs this place on my most recent visit, and we got into a "sampling" session at the gelato counter. If you go, definitely ask the erson behind the counter which of the fruit or nut flavors are made with the actual fruit or nuts, rather than pastes or concentrates. Some of the flavors, such as the pistacchio are represented by two versions. In the case of the pistacchio, for example, get the white one, which is made with whole nuts, not the green. The banana and the "fruit cocktail" flavors also are really good versions made from actual fruit.

      As I've said before, if you find a place doing good things, tell your friends!

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      1. re: Warthog

        I visited Heavenly ice cream myself recently.......I thought the ice cream was excellent.
        The lady who owns the place is very gracious and really cares about putting out a great product. UNfortunately....I don't think the location of the store is in an area where people are going to appreciate the quality that exists here

        I agree with Warthog....please spread the word about Heavenly ice cream....
        We need more places like this in the Baltimore area...

        1. re: MDicecreamguy

          >>> .I don't think the location of the store is in an area where people are going to appreciate the quality that exists here

          Yeah, it's kind of scary that Linthicum almost makes Glen Burnie seem cosmopolitan. :-)

          1. re: Hal Laurent

            Aside from the demographics or sophistication of the area, the location itself is problematic - set back from the road, and at night, that strip only has the ice cream place and the Chinese carry-out open. It's not the sort of bright, welcoming, active area that would draw the eye of people driving by.

            I hope to try the non-ice cream items soon, and report back on that. The menu was interesting enough (hummus, falafel, schwarma) that it might make a nice lunch option for those who live or work in the area.