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Seattle top restaurnts

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Help! I am looking for a great place to take my wife for her birthday. Cost is not the main issue, but I would like someplace we have not been. Canlis was my first choice but I could not get a reservation at a decent time. We have been to Rays, Etta's, Le Pichet, Elemental, Sitka & Spruce, Cafe Juanita, Matt's in the Market, Ovio, Sazerac, Serafina, Stumbling Goat, Wild Ginger, and even The Herbfarm. Her birthday is 9/15, so I need to find something soon.

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          1. Another vote for Harvest Vine.

            1. though the cuisine approaches second-rate, the atmosphere at the georgian room in the olympic hotel cannot be matched north of san francisco. if, in true chowhoundery, you want the best food, i add my voice to those suggesting union.

              1. I remember Rover's being quite special and I like Place Pigalle, although for whatever reason it doesn't get a lot of play here with the 'hounds.

                1. Art of the Table, Tilth, Swingside Cafe, Asteroid, Cafe Moose.