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Sep 5, 2007 04:55 AM

Looking for Toddler Friendly Restaurants in the French Qtr.

Hi, My wife, son (18 months), and I will be staying in the French Quarter for a couple days. I was wondering if anyone could recommend toddler friendly restaurants that also have really good food. I guess we're looking for a more casual atmosphere than some of the places that have been listed on this board before. Also, are there any toddler friendly activities within the French Quarter? Thanks for the help and looking forward to visiting your fine city.

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  1. Although not all, certainly most of the places you see discussed on this board would be toddler friendly, particularly if you don't mind eating on the early side. Also, I wouldn't necessarily limit yourselves to the French Quarter, as a cab ride opens up a lot of additional possibilities.

    I found that one of the better French Quarter options with a toddler is GW Fins, since it's a large place and the tables are not too close together. For more classic New Orleans fare, I would recommend Palace Cafe. It's on the upscale side, but again a place that's spacious enough that a toddler likely will not disturb others.

    What to do with a toddler? Easy: Start at the Aquarium of the Americas right in the French Quarter. Then take the boat (the John J. Audobon) right from the aquarium to the Audbon Zoo. Then either take the boat or a taxi back to the French Quarter. When you arrive at the aquarium, you can buy tickets to everything at once, and you save money by buying your tickets to the aquarium, zoo and boat all together. Also, check the tourist magazines, like Where magazine in your hotel room, which often offer discounts. Finally, New Orleans has an excellent childrens museum in the Warehouse District, a short walk or cab ride from the French Quarter.

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      I think that Palace Cafe is a good call. In years past, we've hosted several small events there, and some included toddlers. Usually, we had one large (long) table in the upper level/mezzanine, and all was good. I never felt that the infants intruded on the other diner's pleasure, and they never intruded on the kids'. Food was always good (pre-K) and service excellent. The excursions sound like a great plan too.


    2. Redfish Grill. Aquarium (base of Canal St.) and Audubon Zoo (uptown) for toddler activities. Don't know if it's appropriate but the Children's Museum is in the warehouse district.

      1. Remoulade seemd to be a pretty family-friendly place, and the food is much better than the average Bourbon Street fare.