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Sep 4, 2007 11:14 PM

Seafood Newburg in the Boston area?

My mother from NY (where seafood newburg was supposedly invented) says her favorite place to eat in Boston was S&S in Inman Square, because of seafood newburg. Both my eldest daughter and wife are also fans of this dish. S&S occasionally has this dish as a special, but in the past 10 times I've gone there, they've only had it once or twice. Most frustrating is that they often claim they are serving it on a particular day, but it usually turns out to be an inferior dish called seafood casserole, which is always on their menu.

Please post if you know of *any* places that serve seafood newburg. Here is what I've found:

Union Oyster House - $20 lunch, $25 dinner
Exchange Street Bistro in Malden - $27 dinner
S&S (occasionally) - around $17

Catering: several places offer it only on their catering menu... 8(

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  1. You might check Anthony's Pier 4. it's the kind of old Boston establishment that might have it on the regular menu. I've enjoyed their Popover and finnan Haddie but it may have seen better days.

    1. That may be a tough dish to find locally. I'm generally not a fan of either UOH or S&S, but have no idea if they do this dish well. I think there have been reviews on Exchange Street Bistro on this board or over at New England -- I'd do a search.

      Also not a fan of Anthony's Pier 4 except for the popovers and the harbor view.

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        Thanks to gourmaniac and bachslunch for the popover plug at Anthony's. I had killer popovers in Maine a couple of weeks ago and didn't think about asking if anyplace in Boston was good.

        I have to plug S&S's newburg because it's cheap and tasty (I've never had it anywhere else though). However, there are many negatives about S&S and few positives. Nonetheless, I think the newburg is worth it, especially if you've never tried the dish before and want a cheap intro.

      2. Durgin Park lists both Lobster Newburg and Shrimp and Lobster Newburg on its online menu. (Haven't tasted either, however. . . )

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          Thanks for the tip...both dishes at Durgin are "market price", which always makes me nervous. Psychologically, it sounds like I'm handing them a blank check, but maybe that's just me. I wish they would just put the price on the menu. Even a high price is better than "market price" to me. 8)

          1. re: NYA Joe

            I haven't been for a while, but I ordered Lobster Newburg many times when I lived closer to Boston and Durgin Park. If they still use the same recipe and have kept up the quality, it is perfect. When I had it, it was lobster in not too much sauce. Definitely different from the heavy creamy sauce with chunks of lobster floating in it, as you might expect. There was no more sauce then if you dipped the lobster in butter i.e more lobster than sauce. I think they leave the cream out of their recipe. The sauce was more or less transparent, like having a lobster picked out for you and not having to dip it in anything. When I had it, there was a more than ample amount for a medium sized appetite, probably about what you would expect to get from a hard-shell 1-1/2 pound lobster, and it was about the same price. This is an edit about an hour after the original post: Durgin Park was purchased by Arkrestaurants in 2007. I just looked at the menu. Lobster Newburg is no longer there, at least in the official on-line version. There are a number of on-line menu's still out there that do list it, but it's not in the official on. Also, to NYA Joe, market price has always been SOP for many restaurants purportedly due to frequent and sudden change of seafood prices so that they don't need to change the printed menu. Just ask how much before you order. Some restaurants put the price up on a blackboard for the market price items so watch on the way in.

            Durgin Park
            340 Faneuil Hall Market Pl, Boston, MA 02109