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Sep 4, 2007 09:59 PM

Seeking Hot Pepper Jelly Recipe

Anyone have a good recipe for hot pepper jelly or jam? I'm living on an educational farm right now and our peppers are going crazy right now...

My friend keeps trying to make a pepper jelly with liquid pectin, but it keeps not gelling--any advice or recipes? Thanks!

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  1. I made a habanero pineapple pepper jelly last year and it turned out wonderfully. You can adjust based on the types of chiles you have, etc. I used powdered pectin, and used the amount called for on the box. It jelled nicely. I've heard of other people having great success using only lemon peels instead of pectin. I think I'll try that next time, but this worked well:

    The recipe is here:

    1. I have a recipe that I got from a former co-worker which was wonderful - I will need to dig out. Will post it once I find it. I made some from a recipe in one of the books this year, using liquid pectin, which would not yell (it is still sitting on my shelf).

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        sorry, that was supposed to be "...that would not Jell".

      2. This is the one I use:

        Foolproof. But I up the # of habs to maybe 15.

        That site has a bunch of other recipes, too.

        If you use liquid pectin you need to use exactly as much sugar as called for (in this case 7 cups). Use less and it won't gel.

        1. I make Pepper jelly for sale in 3 varieties and the only time it didn't jell was when I wasn't accurate with my pepper measurement. You have to measure the peppers chopped, before you grind them to get the right ratio. Hope that helps.