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Sep 4, 2007 09:24 PM

Tragic frozen burgers at Lazy Boy Saloon (White Plains)

(With apologies to poetry majors)

Lazy Boy, great variety of beers
Lazy Boy, decent wraps, salads and entrees galore..
Lazy Boy, so versatile and the go-to choice if not for the fact that...
Your frozen thin tasteless Bubba burger hamburgers are a bore.

Last night I ordered buffalo burger rare,
I bit into brown well-done chuck
I sent it back
And I got back a red FROZEN puck

The waiters were gracious
The manager apologized for the mess
So I took the money they comped me
And bought a beautiful FRESH perfect burger at James Joyce next door...
For about two dollars less (ok wasn't buffalo)

I wouldn't care so much
To put my gripes to rhyme
If I didn't love your bar and didn't want to
Go there all the time

(Just buy fresh ground meat, hand-form it, and don't freeze it.. EVER)

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  1. Thank you for the review, Wizzapizza, I won't be going to Lazy Boy.

    1. i don't know man, i've always had good burgers there. Never had anything that tasted frozen or less than fresh. Even so, don't let a subpar burger stop you from goin to the lazy boy! its worth it just for the beer, they're wings are good (if too small, and nothing compared to the candlelight) and most of the other things ont he menu hit the spot pretty well.

      While the James Joyce can make a good burger and pull a good stout, it really doesn't have anythign on the lazy boy, especially at night when the joyce becomes super dude-bro and loud, while the lazy boy remains pretty casual (if louder and busier).

      I've been frequenting Dunne's down Mamaroneck...good food and you can always get a table.

      1. lol...thanks for the laugh!

        1. that's lame that they'd serve up frozen burgers........i had a beautiful juicy med-rare burger there a couple months back......def. wasn't frozen......maybe with all the other bars in the area they're not "moving" the burgers like they used they've resolved to using frozen patties......??

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          1. re: southlake

            The original post was from 2007, so your visit would have been after that.

            1. re: shellyesq

              I'll give it another try! Maybe they only freeze their Buffalo burgers.

          2. I'm sure they don't get a lot of takers for a buffalo burger, hence why it was frozen,
            Lazy Boy is one of if not THE BEST bar/pub style restaurants in Down town WP. The wings, French onion soup, burgers and beer selection (draft and bottle) will keep me returning