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Flaky Flix in LA?

Hey, fellow chowhounds!
I am pretty sure this is a lost cause, but it is worth one last shot.
From what I've gathered, based on searching online, the Mother's Cookie Company has either gone under, been bought out, or has somehow changed in a way I don't understand. But that isn't really the point.
The thing that pains me about this is that they used to have a product called "Flaky Flix" and no matter where I search in Los Angeles, I simply cannot find these things. These were a special kind of cookie- light, flaky and sinfully sweet. I think they are just out of production, but if ANYONE knows of a place where they are still being sold in the Southern California area, PLEASE share the info!!! I'm begging you! I'd be thrilled to get my hands on a remaining box of these bad boys! Thank you!!!

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  1. Holy Cow, ilovegobo,
    I was craving Flaky Flix about 3 months ago...went to Ralphs, no luck. Went to Target...no luck. Asked some people...they had no clue what I was talking about.
    Thanks for keeping me from thinking I was crazy.
    I LOVE Flaky Fix but can't find them either...hopefully a CHer will be able to help us.

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      Aw. It is good to know I'm not the only one who has been missing these guys. You are absolutely not crazy! I'm with ya...
      And if you ever find anything that even approximates Flaky Flix, please let me know. Those goofy generic fudge layer cookies that they are trying to pass off as a substitute in stores are kind of ridiculous. I had a grocery clerk try to tell me that these were the same things as Flaky Flix! That is just silly talk in my book. :)

    2. Sorry for the bad news: "...both flavors of Flaky Flix are completely gone. Anything you may find now, from even the last production runs, will be well past the expiration date."


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        SAy it ain't so!
        I LOVED those guys!

      2. God I miss Flaky Flix. My friend's mom used to keep them in the fridge for us, both vanilla and chocolate flavors. Still love Mother's Cookies though. Mmmm... taffy or iced raisin. Yum!

        1. I used to eat Flaky Flix by the whole plastic container full. I never found them to be sinfully sweet, but loved the "flaky" part, with the cornflake-like flakes. Hadn't had them in years and never noticed they disappeared. That is really too bad.

          1. I really don't mean to hijack your post but does anyone remember Yum Yums? Better yet, does anyone know if they're still available and where?

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              Hijack away. :) That's what the board is here for.
              Unfortunately, I don't remember Yum Yums. Good luck with your search, though!

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                ooooo with the gooey caramel and chocolate and coconut? sweet city, I'm sure my dentist is glad they're gone! They were more like a crispy candy than a cookie!

              2. Wow, I hadn't thought about Flaky Flix in ages, so yummy (and the best name ever). We used to eat these things like they were going out of style, and now, unfortunately, they have. My mom will be so disappointed, they were her favorite.

                1. I, too, miss my Flaky Flix. The closest thing I've found was Keebler "fudge sticks." Admittedly, they aren't as good, but they're to next best thing I've found.

                  1. today is 11/07/07...i bought Mother's Fudge Flaky Flix yesterday at statebrothers!!!
                    i walked in and right in front was a sighn that read ''Back by Popular Demand"

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                      THANKS SO MUCH! Got mine at SB in LBC this weekend. HUGE DISPLAY. Love it!

                    2. Not being from Cali, I have no idea of whether or not Savemarts are in the LA area, but after reading this thread I was curious and did a search for Flaky Flix and this supermarket has them listed for sale in their current circular, 2 packages for $5. They look tasty! Wish I could find a source for them for mail order!

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                        Well, it looks as though I have some big scouting to do!!! Thanks, everybody!!! This is great info!!

                      2. Two places I've seen them...

                        Beverly Glen Pharmacy
                        Beverly Glen Market

                        both in the center just south of mulholland off of beverly glen.

                        1. Okay Good News! I too was very disappointed last year when they stopped manufacturing Flaky Flix. So after a lot of work I found out what happened. Turns out that Mother's didn't manufacture Flaky Flix, they were made by another company that went out of business. In order to satisfy their debts they had to sell off all of their equipment including the machine that makes these wonderful cookies. Another company purchased the machine and thought they were going to make and sell Flaky Flix that is until Mother's got wind of it! Mother's went to court and in short bought the machine and is now manufacturing Flaky Flix. I know this to be true because as we speak I have two wonderful packages in front of me! They have changed in size and packaging a bit but they are still Flaky Flix! and wonderful! Bad news is my husband found them in Sunnyvale, California at a Luckys Supermarket. They are not expected here in Southern California until the first of the year. So all Flaky Flix Fans hold on they are coming. If you have friends in Northern California have them send you some until they come down South.

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                            See posts above. I bought them at Stater Bros. in Long Beach on Palo Verde/Spring. Vanilla & Fudge. 2/$5

                          2. just got back from vons in costa mesa and they had the fudge flaky flix. exp date april 08. Sign said vanilla but only fudge. looks like they may be making them again.

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                              Surprise Surprise! These are my favorite cookies,too! I hadn't seen them in the store for ages. Today, I found them in Stater Bros. in Phelan, Ca. (High Desert in So. Cal.) I am going to keep my eyes out for them in other Stater Bros. The bad news is that they didn't taste as rich and good as I remember them.

                            2. Mother's Fudge Flaky Flix 7 oz. Packages

                              BACK IN PRODUCTION!! We have confirmed that Mother's has begun production of Flaky Flix again. As soon as possible, we will have them available to order.

                              If you wish to be notified when that occurs, please send an email to info@foodlocker.com with FLAKY FLIX in the subject line.

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                                  Found both flavors at Gelson's in Santa Barbara. I took all the vanilla ones. As God is my witness I will never, not have Flaky Flix again!

                              2. You can find "Flaky Flix" in West LA at the Pavilions supermarket on Wilshire Blvd. They have both flavors in stock. Yum!

                                1. Hi all. I was born and raised in so cal but 4 years ago, I moved to NC. But before we moved, I know that I was able (and actually surprised) to find our favorite little cookie... Yes flaky Flix at Albertsons. Might want to try there? They were the only store I was able to get them at back then. Hope this helps. I sure do miss those cookies.