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Is there any Food Trivia Books?

I love Food and I Love Trivia...
Is there any Food Trivia Books out there ?

Thanks, Brian

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  1. it's not a book, but i have a great food trivia game called "foodie craze." it's really great...i've learned some truly outrageous & obscure facts!


    1. Schott's Food and Drink Miscellany is fun (as are the rest of his Miscellany books).

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        1. thanks, I will try them both , Brian the Food Dude

          1. I love the Schott's Food and Drink book as well - although it reads more like a dictionary, it's vastly entertaining!

            I just read CANDY FREAK by Steve Almond, which is about one man's obsession with candy bars of years past, and his journey to places like the old Necco Wafer factory. As for trivia, I learned that there once was a chocolate bar called chicken n' veggies, made out of freeze dried vegetables sold in regional markets. It's very similar to the Food Network show "Unwrapped."

            1. Not a book, actually a funny spoof on the topic http://www.devilsfooddictionary.com/

              1. There's Harold McGee. Though I don't know if his stuff qualifies as trivia, it has a lot of interesting and little-known facts. It's prose though, not one-liners.

                1. I love Schott's Miscellany- the Food and Drink and the General one. There is also Life as Meals by James and Kay Salter. Each day of the year has a short entry about some food trivia, event, etc. The illustrations are beautiful.

                  1. A South Florida Culinary Adventure by Alice Shapiro.

                    1. There's a Trivial Pursuit-like game called Foodie Fight.