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Sep 4, 2007 08:45 PM

help me re-create this chinese dish

I was in northern China last week and had some FANTASTIC potato dishes. The idea was--pieces of sweet potato or taro piled high with a sugary sauce poured over. You grab a piece and dip it in ice water so the sugar hardens and you have hot and sweet and crispy chewy potato. It was sweet potato or taro and sometimes pumpkin that was used. The potato didn't taste fried, but then again i didn't think it was boiled either--there were brown bits at the corners. But i don't think they use ovens there, though could be wrong. There were no other flavors besides the sugar and potato. A taiwanese friend tells me you can do this with bananas too.

any pointers? When you grabbed the potato the sugar formed strands. Even some direction on how to get a syrup to do that would help.


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  1. My grandma used to make this... Let me ask her. We usually use taro.

    1. The dish is called Ba Si Yams or Potatos or Apples or Bananas.

      Here's how you make it:

      For anything that cannot be eatten raw, you have to cook that thing first. For yams, you can boil it or bake it, then cut into bite-sized pieces. For edible raw foods, such as apples, simplly cut into bite sized pieces.

      Heat some oil in a wok. You might want to do this on medium heat for the first time so as to easier to control. Heap at least two large spoonfuls of brown sugar into the oil and stir until completely melted. DO NOT LET THIS BURN!

      Once the sugar has melted, carely slide the bowl of chopped apples/bananas/potatos/yams into the wok and toss with your favorite utensil until each piece is covered with the melted sugar.

      Most importantly, you need to act fast. Make sure not to burn the sugar, and also you need to serve this hot before the sugar hardens and you will not be able to pull the strands out.

      Good luck!

      1. In Taiwan the vendor will use cherry tomatoes and sugar syrup. Basically boil sugar until hard crack stage around 350 degrees. In China I believe it is roasted first then dipped in liquid sugar.