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Sep 4, 2007 07:48 PM

Happy Hour Update for Fall in Austin

Hello All:
I just signed up. I have read all of the past posts regarding happy hours in austin...and the topic major thread that is a few years old...
Can we start over with current info?
South Austin is really all that's left of Austin...but I get up to university and downtown sometimes...
Yuppie chain restaurants downtown? I guess so, if they are really good.
Manuel's is great!

Surely there is something new?

My current pick is Uncle Billy's on Monday Nights...chopped beef and chix (even though I suspect that it is the weekend leftovers)...good beer selection, the beer sampler/flight is good for two.The staff is very cool! Marlon will treat you right!!! El es mi tocayo!
...and topic...but (imho) "tex-mex" is a (bad) regional mexican cuisine...just add a bunch of plastic yellow cheese and sour cream to bland food...and you pretty much have it...the chile relleno at matt's is great though! If I'm eatin' mexican: Borrego De Oro...or Torchy' that tex mex?
...also off topic...during the hatch chile season...the portobello hatch "burger" on the porch at whole foods is GREAT...and Lyndon gives good service!

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  1. I just found a great place on the east side off 11th and Waller. The happy hour at Ms B's Creole restaurant is fantastic. Between 2-7pm all the beers are $2.75 and the frozen margaritas are $2.75 as well. Plus they have specials on all their appetizers as well as their tasty wings with garlic and some mystery sauce. The wings weren't out control spicy, they were just right. And my favorite was their catfish tidbets. It was a well done fried catfish cut up in nuggets and served with sweet potatoe fries for only $7.00 at the bar during happy hour.
    And to my suprise they had a bartender who was really passionate with his drinks. After making me a refreshing mojito, he proceeded on making the most unique mojito with basil and blackberries with Tito's Vodka. The Mojito Crush was a fantastic drink. The drink was so go good that I took a picture of it. I highly reccomend the bar scene at