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Sep 4, 2007 07:21 PM

Where to go for my 30th Birthday?

I have decided to leave my baby with my parents and go out with my DH for a nice romantic dinner for the big birthday. My DH is a steak-and-potato guy, no vegetables, no seafood, won't do tasting menu, no small plates (unless we get the small plates with beef or chicken). So many restaurants that I love to go to are out.

So I think my choices are now down to:
- Scaramouche
- Canoe (probably can't since dinner would probably be on Saturday)
- Auberge (probably won't since that means cabbing between High Park and North York)
- Pangaea
- Globe
- George

What to do? What to do? Any other suggestions? Romantic is a must.

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  1. Hi Cecilia:
    Here are a couple of comments on your choices:

    If you go to Scaramouche, you should ask for the best table (I think it is #8). It is considered a very romantic table, with a great view. Also, for dessert, you must have their famous Coconut Cream Pie....even if you don't like Coconut Cream Pie.

    I loved my food at George - it is worth trying.

    Canoe has such an incredible view, that if you have not been, it would be a good choice as well.

    Have a very happy birthday!

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    1. re: janetzuccarini

      Second the rec for Scaramouche. Lovely food, lacking any heavy handedness, classic refined service without any attitude, stuffiness or pretence. And very romantic indeed-especially if you sit by the window at night. You won't be disappointed.

      1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

        Hi Cecilia, we were just at Scaramouche about 2 weeks ago. I would definitely suggest you go there. I wrote a review on my experience although we had the sustainable seafood menu which ran until end of August. We've been many times and never disappointed. Janet and Splendid described it bang on, esp. the coconut cream pie, it is a must. Hope you have a great time. P.s better check on Auberge, last I heard they were closed for renovations.

    2. Cecilia, first a quick question...if you are in the High Park area (and distance appears to be a concern), what about Silver Spoon on Roncevalles? Granted, it may be a tad crowded, but I think that would add to the romance.

      Aside from that, though I have ne'er been, I have heard great things about Scaramouche specifically regarding the inherent romantic vibes of the place. It is a shame that Opus is no more, because I would have suggested that right from the get go (was very intimate). A friend of mine took his wife to Rain, and he told me that she absolutely loved it...but I don't think that is the type of cuisine you are looking for.

      Pangaea would be great, but I am not sure it has the romantic vibe you are looking for, although, you could pop across the street to Panorama afterward and have champagne (and maybe strawberries) on the balcony overlooking the city's night horizon, or even just staring into each others eyes >deep sigh<

      Only thing, is your birthday soon? Just that with the film festival in town over the next week & a half, some places (especially the Yorkville area) may be a bit too hollywood and crowded to fully appreciate the night.

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      1. re: Lazar

        sorry, but what do you mean by opus is no more? are you referring to the one on prince arthur?

        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          yeah, I heard that the chef closed it and went over to open Cluck Grunt & I wrong? Is Opus still around?

          1. re: Lazar

            i think you've been sorely mislead if you're referring to boehmer as he hasn't been with opus in ages and the staff seems to be holding steady since 2001 according to

            some good friends of mine whom know the staff at opus had a very pleasant meal there mid july without any mention of a closing.

            1. re: pinstripeprincess

              Aw damn. I trusted in my friend and he led me astray.....thanks for the heads up...may go there soon as result

      2. Auberge by subway-not so great, globe by subway-better but even closer is boho on roncesvalles, the maple chipotle salmon is great at $21 the venison is huge at $25

        1. Thanks for everyone's feedback so far. I am definitely leaning towards Scaramouche, and I LOVE coconut cream pie.

          I have been to Silver Spoon and Boho at least 5 or 6 times each. Mostly very positive experiences so I would definitely go back. They are just a little bit more casual than what I was looking for this time.

          1. The original comment has been removed