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Sep 4, 2007 07:02 PM

Dress up a slice of naked bread

I do enjoy cooking, but sometimes (e.g. lunch at work) I just want something that doesn't require much work and still tastes good. Here's my challenge: how to dress up a slice of naked bread (can be any type of bread) with no more than 5 readily available ingredients to make a good eat out of it. Please help!

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  1. First, have bread you really like. Then the sky's the limit.

    Try some fresh tomatoes and fresh mozz, along with some basil, or some prosciutto with some olive oil on the bread. Maybe slices of a boule.

    Or, try (your deli to buy or your cook book to make) a baba ghanoush spread. Hmmmm...roasted eggplants, tahini, garlic, lemon juice, olive ingredients. Pita bread for the base.

    If you love the pungent taste of good rye, try picking up some smoked salmon and pairing the two. Or some sardine salad ( drained sardines, chopped onions, sweet relish, a squirt of mustard and some mayo...5 ingredients, again)

    Or, just figure out what cheese you really love on a baguette, then pair those elements with a bit of fruit. Delicious and satisfying.

    1. Real butter, and Apricot jam,mmmmm!

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      1. re: jword2001

        Or real butter and orange blossom honey!

      2. I found the best thing this summer when I had the odds and ends of various meals hanging around: piece of crostini, aged cheddar, thinly sliced strawberries and some fresh oregano.

        But has anyone heard of Queen Anne's Lace Jelly (Queen Anne's Lace is a type of flower for those who didn't grow up in the part of Ohio where I'm from)? I haven't had it since I was really little, but I remember it being so good on homemade bread!

        1. Some of my more interesting toppings I like with a good hefty slice of white bread:

          Caramelized onions

          Grilled avocados

          Apple chutney

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            Thin slices of aged gouda, (Old Amsterdam) and avacado...seriously addicitve.

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              yeah i'm all about the cheese and avocado as well, although it's usually havarti w/ avocado, maybe a nice roma tomato if it's around, and some lettuce. i also like to put a bit of balsamic vinegarette on it as well, but really the cheese & avocado by itself is amazingly good, especially w/ a good multigrain bread like milton's...happy eating!

          2. Last night, I had a hunk of a baguette slathered with good goat cheese (from Bodega Goat Cheese - Bodega Bay, CA) and a few slices of an Early Girl tomato. It was heaven.