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Sep 4, 2007 06:46 PM

Ishq...Ocean Drive strikes again....

Well we all know the story, the hype, the scene, the prices, but the food never lives up to it. Trying to translate Indian food to satisfy the palate of the typical crowd of Ocean Drive results in the same thing every time, a disappointment.

The service was so lovely, I have a hard time being critical, but I will just be to the point and honest. Nothing was bad or inedible. We ate everything. However... the samosas were good but forgettable, the naan and rice were dry and tasteless, the potatoes were more like home fries, the dal tasted of salt and cumin, the Indian spices there but sort of lost, and the paneer had good flavors but was tough.We also tried the tandoori platter. The chicken was cooked very well, but poorly seasoned...too "perfumy" if you know what I mean. Everything else was OK but not great. The whole meal was a bit salty for my taste (and it takes a lot for me to say that, I am Puerto Rican ;-)). But the worst part IMO was that nothing was spicy enough..they didn't even ask us if we wanted heat. We decided not to have dessert and just go home. In all honesty I have had better food many times at Guru.

Maybe they were having a bad night, we always like to think that, but they just opened, I wanted to be impressed ;-(.

Once again, for Indian, the drive to Heelsha is definitely worth it for us.

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  1. and the food was so pathetic the two times i tried guru i never went back,that your saying it was better there means i will not bother to try ishq.Try the indian main course offered by vix at the victor hotel for miami spice menu .3 small portions of different curries of your choice along with naan,basmati rice,and condiment tray for $35

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      You know I did try that last year for Miami Spice. Like you I was impressed with what they did with their Indian menu (you know with for that type of restaurant in Ocean Drive hotels). However, when it comes to ethnic food like that, I say you should go to the smaller, family owned, grandma cooking in the back kind of restaurants.... Vix can't beat that ;-)

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      1. So here goes, I am Indian, and was a little excited by the thought of a nice place on Ocean. Went there, liked the decor a lot, food was below average, tried the Tikki (which is a like a potato cutlet), it was plus on salt, the fish was excellent, called Amritsari. My chicken was so tough, and the mushroom burnt, that I didnt even feel like eating it. I totally agree that the nan was really dry. All in all, mediocre food, but good decor. I actually can cook food a lot better than these guys do, and it is a pity that there is not one good Indian restaurant on the beach or for that matter in Miami.

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          Sounds like hopes of a decent Indian place on the beach have been foiled again. Have you found anywhere else in Miami that you like? So when are you having us all over for dinner?