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Sep 4, 2007 06:35 PM

Butter tarts in Manhattan?

I just came back from a weekend in Ontario, where I fell in love with butter tarts. Does anyone know where I can find these in Manhattan? (Not picky on runny v non-runny, with raisins or withouts, with pecans/walnuts or without...)


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  1. This this place:
    Once Upon A Tart
    135 Sullivan St
    (between Houston St & Prince St)

    1. For sure Once Upon a Tart on Sullivan Street
      The Best "Tart"
      The Best windows display in town.

      1. i 3rd Once Upon A Tart... can't think of anywhere else & i love the place.

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          thanks all! i live just a few blocks away from that place and can't wait to get my butter tart fix this weekend!