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Sep 4, 2007 06:13 PM

In Wiscasset, Maine, is Huber's market

in easy walking distance to either Sarah's or Sea Basket?

Mainegal, are you around?

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  1. It is closer to Sea Basket. Perhaps up to a mile... Not sure exactly

    1. Let me guess: you're getting off the bus there, right? You'll pass right by the Sea Basket on the way (it'll be on your left as you head north, so sit on that side), and yes, less than one mile. Sarah's is in the other direction, at the end of town on the river. It's not too far--assuming you're a wallker--but it's along Route 1, and there are no sidewalks until you get into town. If you google map the locations, you can get the exact distances.

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        Right. I'm getting off the bus en route to Boothbay, and I had the bright idea of going chowing. But I'll be lugging an suitcase, and I don't think I could go more than a couple of blocks. I tried looking at the maps, but I couldn't really tell. Oh, well.
        Mainegal, are you email-able by any chance? I thought the new CH was set up for PM, but apparently not.

      2. What's the deal with Huber's Market?

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          Exactly as Mainegal surmised. Huber's Market is the drop-off point for the bus in Wiscasset, as I was en route to Boothbay Harbor. But I was suddenly wondering if I could try one of the two place in Wiscasset that are repeatedly mentioned by chowhounds. It turned out that the Sea Basket was right there. Not just less than a mile, but about a walk of a minute and a half. Close enough so that I could easily lug my suitcase. Terrific.

          Mainegal, still wondering if you're emailable, although for another reason. I took your motel suggestion, but I may end up homeless for a day or two in the middle, so looking for something equally cheap; it occurred to me that if I find some place in Wiscasset, maybe I could find Sarah's.

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            Glad you made it to the sea basket. I love that place!

            1. re: hargau

              The Sea Basket is a must stop for fish chowder - it is the standard by which all others should be judged! ("Their fish chowder was very good, a little thicker than the Sea Basket" or "Not as much fish as you would get at the Sea Basket" or "Not quite as much butter skimming the surface as you would have at the Sea Basket")

            2. re: Fida

              Hey Fida,

              Try Ship Ahoy Motel, it's also in BBH, but right on the water. Can't remember how far a walk into town, though.

              Another possibility is a B&B, Pond House, it is walking distance, but on the east side of the harbor,; probably not as cheap, but you'll get a full breakfast.

              Sarah's is okay, but if you're going to make a special trip somewhere, I'd head over to the Pemaquid Peninsula region--that's the next point up from BBH, and visit some of the lobster pounds there. Hotel Pemaquid probably has some decent off season rates about now; you can walk to a few places from there--including one by the fort.

              Or Gosnold Arms, which is right across from Shaw's lobster in New Harbor --Shaw's is pricey and touristy, but if you've got some splurge money, take the day boat to mMnhegan that leaves from the same wharf and have a lobster on the beach at Shermie's Fish House--it doesn't get any better or more rustic than that. Of course, make a few calls to see if open. Gosnold Arms is

              1. re: Mainegal

                You would have to be a really serious walker to walk from the hotel pemaquid to the fort! You must have meant the lighthouse. There is a place you can eat by the lighthouse giftshop but i have never cared for it. Perhaps one of the worst lobster rolls of my life. You can get a ice cream there though for $1