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Sep 4, 2007 06:07 PM

MSP--NE/C Heights Delivery?

Being a new homeowner is a beautiful thing. Really. But we miss our uptown delivery hotspots. We're in far Northeast, just on the border of Columbia Heights. And I can only say we've had the worst Chinese food ever and the worst pizza ever so far.

Is there any hope? Or is CH just a black hole of delivery?

Thanks for any leads.


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  1. I lived in Columbia Heights for about 5 years, and moved back to Uptown largely because I couldn't stand the cultural wasteland anymore. I found nothing chow-worthy up there, delivery or otherwise. The closest I got was Holyland, which I love, but it was a bit of a drive.

    1. Sorry to confirm, but it's true. I live in CH (also on the border of NE/St. Anthony) and there is no good deliivery. Big box pizza and Bad chinese is all there is. If someone knows otherwise, please fill me in. I would not completely write the area off as a chow wasteland though. Barley Johns is great for beer and pizza, just up county Rd D (37th ave) -going toward roseville. And the best part about living in this area, is that literally everything is a 15 minute (or less) drive away. But delivery is sad. Ready meats at 35th and Johnson makes tons of great stuff for the grill or to make yourself. But delivery? No, sorry. Welcome to the neighborhood.

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        Other chow worthy places to eat at in the area: The Vegetarian and Nala Pak (old Udupi Cafe) for Indian food, or going south on central Bombay 2 Deli. Holy Land or Crescent Moon for Middle East food. Pop! is a neighborhood restaurant that serves up solid if not really extraordinary food - they have a pizza place called Snap! down one storefront from the restaurant which I have heard is good, but I don't believe they deliver. Another option may be to see if Broadway Pizza would deliver out as far as you - they have decent pizza. I have also heard good things about some of the little Mexican restaurants aound Lowry and Central, but have not been to any of them - maybe someone else could chime in here? Also, wondering where the worst ever pizza and bad chinese came from - partly to ward people off, partly to make sure we are on the same page (pretty sure we are though, since I have never really had anything good delivered) Oh - one exception - If you are in the mood for old school flatbread MN pizza cut into squares, I will put in a recommendation for Tasty Pizza - and they do deliver! They also have chicken wings - big ones with a lot of meat on them- that are pretty good. I believe you can get pasta and other stuff delivered too, but I have not tried it, and cannot comment on the quality. For me though, I have to be in the mood for that sort of pizza - the crust sort of tastes like stale beer to me, which sounds gross, but sometimes I really get a craving for it. (Hopefully this makes sense for someone). Places links below!

        Holy Land Bakery & Grocery
        2513 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

        Bombay 2 Deli [Closed - May Reopen in Different Place]
        1840 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

        The Vegetarian
        4022 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55421

        Udupi Cafe
        4920 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55421

        Ready Meats
        3550 Johnson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

        Crescent Moon Bakery
        2339 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

        2859 Johnson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

        Snap Pizza
        2851 Johnson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

        Broadway Pizza
        2025 W River Rd, Minneapolis, MN 55411

        Tasty Pizza
        875 45th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55421

        Barley John's Brew Pub
        781 Old Highway 8 SW, Saint Paul, MN 55112

        1. re: autmommy

          One other place I forgot - Que Viet for "old school MN style" vietnamese - they have really great eggrolls and I like their hot and spicy chicken as well. This is what I have learned from living in this area - true, you may have to get into the car and drive somewhere, but if you call ahead and place your order, it really doesn't take that long to go and get it (pretty much any place around here will do a call in order) Of course I am the type of person who will also drive down to Que Viet and walk in in my pj's to pick up an order (Last time I checked, the paparazzi weren't following me around) Hey I do what I gotta do to eat good in my hood! And by the way, I will say that NE is my absolut favourite neighborhood in all of MPLS! Great people, great vibe. You picked a great place to live, you will have to go to the food (at least for now) You will find it was a good decision ultimately.

          1. re: autmommy

            Shoot! Forgot the link!

            Que Viet Village House
            2211 Johnson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

        2. re: autmommy

          Thanks for the many great recommendations. I don't feel like we're on an island anymore!

          The pizza report:
          Bad pizza: Pizza Man (seriously bad), Pizza Magic.
          Good if you're in the mood: Tasty Pizza
          Too bad they only delivered to us once: Broadway Pizza
          The winner: Papa John's. I may be banned from chowhonds forever.

          The chinese report:
          Not at all edible: China Express.

          Places we love:
          Holyland Deli
          Ready Meats
          Crescent Moon

          Places we won't go again (ask if you want a full review--am happy to write it up):
          La Casita

          1. re: kelly25

            I didn't want to be the first to poo-poo the north side, so I'm glad to hear I'm not alone in my lament.

            I would love to support the local scene better, so my DH and I were considering trying Sarna's after the smoking ban starts on 10/1. Tell me what you thought of Sarna's?

            1. re: kelly25

              I'd love to hear your thoughts on Sarna's. We've been meaning to go there, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Their outside patio looks nice.

              1. re: Nikkie1t

                The Sarna's Report:

                It looked a lot better than it ended up being.

                Atmosphere: Absolutely wait until the smoking ban if you're a non-smoker. The smoking section isn't really very separate from non-smoking. The place sort of smells a little like a bar (good if you want that, not if you don't). Booths are comfy and I'd recommend that over a table. Bring a sweater if you tend to be chilly.

                Food: Two in our party ordered the fried jumbo shrimp dinner. And the presentation was fabulous -- nicely plated shrimp, evenly browned and nestled into a bed of mashies. Topped with a nice nest of seasonal veggies. It started out so good! So promising! A few bites in, though, and we were disappointed. The shrimp, while very well cooked, didn't have any flavor at all--nor did the shrimp's coating. The potatoes were on the gummy side with chunks of what I suspect was raw (or at least not roasted enough) garlic and maybe even some garlic powder. The overall effect was not encouraging.

                Husband ordered a "cubano roasted pork" dish. Again, the presentation was outstanding. But no flavor. None. And the pork was tender, not dry, all of the things which means so close.

                The other person in our party ordered the ribs which were served with fries. Barbecue sauce was way to sweet--I suspect out of a jar or worse came with the ribs prepacked out of a freezer box. Fries were decent.

                We might go back and order things a little more mundane. They do have a large menu of burgers and sandwhiches and such, which I think might be much better than what we ordered. It's a little more "sports bar" than the outside of the place or the menu suggests.

                Sorry, guys. I so wanted this place to be a winner. . . .

                1. re: kelly25

                  I wanted it to be a winner too Kelly. The outside (and the interior) implies something a little better than what it is on the menu: a sports bar serving whatever comes off the Sysco truck. I've stuck with the appetizers and been pretty lucky.

              2. re: kelly25

                Pizza Magic just got new owners and I stopped and picked up a pizza yesterday, though I've had horrible pizza from there before, but I'm always ready to try new things. The pizza was AMAZING! The best pizza in town. I would highly, highly recommend this place. I also called and found out that they do deliver from Broadway to 109th and from 35W to Hwy 100. That's a huge delivery area, but they have enough drivers there to make it work. It includes NE minneapolis too! I also talked to a manager and they are remodeling and trying to get their good name out there. Give Pizza Magic another try! They really do have fabulous pizza! They're very Cossetta's-like. The owner may even give you a dessert, as he gave one to me! :)

                1. re: girlbassist

                  We'll give Pizza Magic another try. I'm a sucker for a fun name. :) Which Broadway Pizza said they would deliver to NE? The one on Riverside delivered here once and then denied it the next time we called to order. . .


                  1. re: kelly25

                    I was thinking the one on West River Road... but not sure what their deliv. area is.

            2. hate to say it but a lot of delivery places draw a line at the edge of ch and won't deliver there. you may be able to get delivery to your house if you cultivate a relationship w a restaurant--many will bend the rules for a regular! delivery may be sad, but there is more and more decent takeout in ne: in addition to pgokey's mention of holy land (note that you can buy their dinner buffet by the pound for takeout), there are several decent indian places on central, brasa, emily's lebanese deli, east side co-op (deli), more all the time. takes planning ahead, but at least it will save you from wretched pizza and chop suey.