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Sep 4, 2007 05:30 PM

It's LA County Fair Time...

What do you gotta have when you go?

What do you avoid at all costs?

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  1. Deep fried Snicker bars, deep fried twinkies, Uh Anything deep fried LOL

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    1. re: Skunk2Racer

      Yes. Add to that deep fried artichoke hearts, deep fried oreos and a big scoop of Dr. Bob's.

      1. re: sku

        How are the oreos? I've always wanted to try these, as I imagine they get perfectly delectably melty on the inside...

        1. re: Emme

          I prefer the Snickers bars, but the Oreos are good too. They do get hot and melty inside.

          1. re: sku

            I had the oreos from teh OC fair and thought eating dirt would be better.

              1. re: Diana

                ah but if health were the only factor in all my edible decisions, i'd be taking wheatgrass shots much more frequently.

                1. re: Emme

                  Truly.. Especially in terms of the fair. This month I am being rather careful in anticipation of celebrating my first anniversary at the LACF. It was no holds barred at the reception-although I DID choose a healthier menu, the ladies who baked the 3-tiered cake did each tier a different flavor. Of course I had to taste them all. No use offending the bakers! I figure it will be the same for the anniversary!

                  Any good giant soft german pretzels at the fair? They were part of our beer bar hour (cocktail hour is for weenies and wimps-beer cheese and german pretzels rock!) and I want to celebrate one year with a pretzel!

                  I mean the yummy, soft, with they lye soaked skin big as your head pretzels.

      2. re: Skunk2Racer

        I went on the first day. I've been looking forward to the deep fried snickers (never had one before) but I didn't see a booth that sold some :-( I did see a vendor selling deep fried coke, twinkies, and oreos (but no snickers). For the first time ever, I tried a smoked turkey leg - YUM! I have to have some after the fair is over. Where else can I get a turkey leg??? I also had the pulled pork sandwich - so moist and delicious!

          1. re: cheesecustard

            FYI, deep fried snickers is available at the Texas Donut stands.

        1. Pink's Hot Dogs, Ten Pound Buns, Piggly Wiggly Fries.... A definite must for fair goers.

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          1. re: diaz

            I've always dreamed of trying the ten pound buns. My husband talks me out of it, telling me I'll get ten pound buns if I eat one.

          2. I don't get everything below on one visit, but through the years, I can say that often I get:

            -Kettle Corn (ALWAYS have Kettle corn)
            -Grilled Corn (a corn theme, I guess)
            -The slushy fake "shave Ice" with sugar free flavors from the booth outside between the vendor buildings
            -My Husband gets two corn dogs
            If I don't have the regualr stuff, I get
            -An Awful BAd For Me tostada salad with all the fixins
            -A GIANT artichoke
            -Mexican candy
            -Fudge (just a bit)
            -Caramel apple (apples are good for you, right?)

            We ALWAYS, ALWAYS go to the beer bar in the same building as the wine tasting and pay to sample the winning commercial beers. A good bargain. Sometimes we get a cheese plate from the booth behind to help us out. This year, we're volunteering to pour on the 30th to celebrate our anniversary by getting others to drink good beer. I'm bringing a small Leda's cake to finish off the shift. 11:00-3:00, come on by!

            The deep fried candy crap. It never seems as good as you thinnk. Eew.
            Any burger or non corn dog
            candy floss
            the awesome onions
            the fancy "restaraunt" near the horses
            The pie cook off area. Rotting pies make me lose my appetite.
            The margaritas. It's too dangerous when I'm going to taste beer.
            The cheap beer stalls.

            1. Gotta have the thick-skinned, NY-style egg rolls served at the nominally "Thai" food vendors, which also serve up perfectly decent (but not very Thai) skewers of beef, pork & chicken. The egg rolls, though...

              Freshly-made churros (not the pre-formed sticks they sell at movie theaters & theme parks)...

              funnel cake...

              something bbq'd...

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              1. re: Jack Flash

                oooh, egg rolls...where usually?

                1. re: Diana

                  They're sold at the "Thai" food carts, located at various places. I know there's always one on the "street" between Park Square and the race track (see map linked below).

                  There's a few others around, near other food vendors. Don't quote me on this, because I'm basically guessing from the map, but I think there's another one along Magnolia in the Palms Marketplace area, in a section where you'll also find plenty of BBQ, burgers, turkey legs, etc.


                  The churros (someone below inquired) can be found along Broadway, in the line of vendors that is back against the race track & grand stand (before you get to the carnival area).

                2. re: Jack Flash

                  yeah, and where are the churros? I can't wait!

                3. it's been a few years since i've been but some reason The Huge Smoked Turkey Legs Stand out in my mind.