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Feb 22, 2006 06:13 PM

Best slice of pizza in SF?

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Where can I get a great slice of pizza in the city?

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  1. r
    Robert Lauriston

    With the caveat that most of SF's best pizza places sell whole pies only, contenders for best slice include:

    - porcini at L'Osteria del Forno.
    - Indian vegetarian (pictured) or not at Zante.
    - vegetarian California at Arizmendi.

    I suppose you have to try Arinell but if you ask me its popularity results from replicating a particular kind of New York mediocrity.


    1. j
      Jeff Greenberg

      ZA Pizza on Hyde street

      1. White star pizza....cant remember the cross streets or Front room pizza on California is pretty good too

        1. I used to go to Goldenboy in North Beach... Is it still there? I loved that place! I think it was on Green St. Traditional square pizzas sitting at the window for the hungry eyes to see. They reheat it in their little (toaster?) ovens for you. Cheap too, or rather, they used to be.

          Also enjoy Goat Hill Pizza.

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          1. re: Foodrat
            Robert Lauriston

            I wouldn't call Golden Boy traditional, at least I've never seen pizza like that anywhere else. Very soft, yeasty dough, like very thick focaccia. I used to eat there all the time, have gone maybe once since I discovered L'Osteria del Forno's porcini pizza.

            The owners also took over Green Valley a few years ago, and recently Bertolucci's in South SF.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              I meant "traditional" in the Italian sense - square pizza slices...

              1. re: Foodrat

                Traditional or not, it is damn good pizza. I get a slice whenever I'm in the neighborhood.

                1. re: Foodrat

                  You mean "Sicilian" slices??!!!
                  I haven't seen that here....and I have least not like NY or NJ style

                  1. re: ChowFun_derek

                    Lanesplitter sells rectangular "Sicilian" slices, dough's maybe an inch and a half thick. I'm sure they're supposed to be NY-style. Never had that in NY so I can't say how close they are.

                    Marcello's used to have those, too.

                    1. re: Robert Lauriston

                      I have had Lanesplitter's regular pie and was unimpressed..(especially compared to the East Bays embarassment of pizza riches!) haven't seen a "Sicilian" at Marcello's I don't time I'm there, I'll focus a little better and look for it...

            2. So that you know, pizza is the politics or religion of the SFBay chowhound page. Along with bbq, chili, and Chez Panisse, it is a subject that provokes implacable opinions.

              My preference is Arinell's. A certain style that tastes like home to this Jersey Girl.