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Sep 4, 2007 05:25 PM

Great apps, drinks, music?

OK, here I go again, making big requests of you guys. So we dont go into cardiac arrest with breakfast, lunch and dinner, if we have lunch at Galatoire's, where should we go for "dinner" that could be heavy appetizers, great drinks and some music (piano)? Keep in mind we have our 80 year old mother along for her birthday. Not too loud but fun and authentic. Recs please?

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  1. There is a wine bar next to Tommy's restaurant, it has piano music, and you can order any of the apps from Tommy's, plus cheese platters, etc. Comfy seating areas with plush chairs and couches.

    Napoleon house has great drinks and some food, but no piano. Pretty much the epitome of authentic, though. Carousel bar (in the Monteleone) has great drinks and a piano, but I'm not sure if they'll serve food in there or not. The Library Lounge at the Ritz would be another lovely place.

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      The Library Lounge has been renamed "On Trois," but I agree that it would be a great place to bring your mother. They have live music Tue-Sat; I highly recommend going to see Marva Wright if you're around on a Thurs, Fri or Sat.

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        The Library Lounge and On Trois are two different bars, both on the third (lobby) floor.

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          You're absolutely right. It was the "lobby lounge" not the "library lounge" that was renamed On Trois. In any event, I still recommend On Trois, rather than the Library Lounge, for its combination of music and food. And if you don't like the music, or if it's too loud, it's easy enough to walk over to the Library Lounge.

    2. The Bombay Club might be just what you're after.

      1. Every time we go to Galatoire's for lunch we can't even THINK about dinner. Most times only able to manage a late snack .

        1. The Orleans Grapevine has a nice small plate menu, a player piano, and a decent wine list. Despite the proximity to Bourbon, it's pretty quiet in there.

          Orleans Grapevine
          718 Orleans Ave, New Orleans, LA 70116

          1. Mr. B's did have a piano...maybe call and see if their still doing that.
            Snug harbor might be an option for you.
            Maybe 7 on Fulton (
            )There's Tommy's Wine Bar too