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Sep 4, 2007 05:01 PM

Macarons (French macaroons) at Costco?

Note: I'm posting here because baked goods at Costco vary by region.

At the Richmond Costco last week (stocking up on big tubs of Fage yogurt), I notice they were selling French-style macarons: meringue disks with filling (all the ones I saw were chocolate). The packages were big and they weren't cheap (although very reasonable compared to what fancy French bakeries charge for them), so I didn't buy them. They were sampling them (or had been), but the person running the sample table was MIA; I hung around for a couple of minutes and gave up. Anyone try them?

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  1. I think that these are the ones I bought recently. They were labeled "gluten free" so I bought them for a party where there were a couple of gluten free guests. I thought they were fine, but no sublime like perfect fresh macarons can be.

    1. I bought these and split the container with a friend. $9 for 20+ cookies, divided by 2. Rich, chocolate almond flavor, acceptable, not outstanding. A nice treat, but probably won't buy very often. Held up well for a few days.

      1. It's overly chewy - I don't like it that much. not quite like the real thing.

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          This is a bit off topic, but since it's about macarons.....

          Last week I had some fabulous macarOONs at Arizmendi. They were def. the Americanized, chewy, coconut type. They were delicious and I highly recommend!