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Sep 4, 2007 04:59 PM

Where to find uppuma?

I just came back from Atlanta, where I ate uppuma at a place called Udipi Cafe. It's a South Indian cream of wheat dish with mustard seeds, cashews, and veggies. It sounds really simple, but it's amazing. Does anyone have any idea where I can get this in New York? Thanks!

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  1. When in Queens, ask for uppuma at the
    Ganesh Temple Canteen
    45-57 Bowne St
    Flushing, NY 11355
    They mention "upma" on their website; click onto "Community Center," then "Canteen."

    1. Haven't come across Uppuma in Indian restaurants in Manhattan. But in Queens, Uppuma is available at both Ganesh Temple Canteen and Sai Bhavan just round the corner from the Ganesh temple. Both places serve good Uppuma. You can find mention of Uppuma on
      The NYIndia reviewers use the term Upma. Perhaps that's how the Indians spell it.

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        1. Madras Mahal (Lexington b/w 27th and 28th) has upma on their menu
, and the Temple Canteen (mentioned in previous replies) also has upma, though they frequently run out of it come evening.

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            The ingredients are so simple and readily available in a south Indian kitchen that I bet a lot of S. Indian restaurants would make it for you even if it's not listed on the menu. Try asking at Chennai Garden in Manhattan.

            BTW, there's an Udupi VIllage in Montclair, NJ (Bloomfield Ave.) that's also very good if you find yourself out that way.

            And BTW^2, Uppuma (or upama, upma, oopma, etc...) is really really easy to make yourself, at home, should you fail in this quest...

          2. Dosa Hut on Lexington has great Uppma. As good as any I've had in India. There's a similar dish at Saravanaas called Rava Kichidi, but I prefer the Uppma at Dosa Hut.