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Sep 4, 2007 04:26 PM

Garden Grove Dining Options

In late October, I'll be heading to Garden Grove for a two-day conference. I'm looking for well-prepared ethnic cuisines that I can't find in my home town in the Sierra -- which is pretty much anything ethnic other than Italian, Mexican, and Redneck. I've heard that Garden Grove is known for its Cantonese restaurants, but I'm open to SE Asian, Indian...basically, anything adventurous. I've been stuck in the mountains so long that price is no limitation. Help!

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  1. thai nakorn in stanton

    1. Try "S", just outside the Westminster Mall (right next door to Garden Grove) for Vietnamese.

      1. For Korean BBQ, try Lighthouse on Garden Grove Blvd near Magnolia.
        Here's a posting from my first visit:

        1. Boiling Crab for crawfish, shrimps and of course crabs!

          Euclid and WEstminster, Garden Grove.

          Search for Boiling Crab threads here and you'll find the reviews.

          1. Des Simones in West Minster. its just one town over. Go there one afternoon for a sandwich. Trust me on this one...Order the Sheff Special ?
            After you do that... I promise you will send me an e mail and say thanks.

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              Do you mean De Simone's, on Edinger & Goldenwest in Huntington Beach? It's excellent for italian subs (and one of my local faves), but not worth wasting a precious meal on if one only has two days in which to search out truly unique ethnic food. If the OP had, say, a week, in GG, then I'd recommend De Simone's.