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Sep 4, 2007 03:57 PM

Sebastopol Notes

I took a bike ride out here a couple of nights ago and made some observations.

-- There is a Restaurant called El Coronel which seems to be the HQ/base for the taco trucks of west county. They had at least 4 or 5 trucks hooked up to the power grid and 'sleeping."

-- It seems like pretty popular - they have Molcajetes, and host of Marisco choices. Maybe worth checking out.

-- The Indian / Nepali restaurant that recently opened up was packed with people waiting. I asked for a takeout menu and the hurried waiter said that they had run out that very evening.

-Viva Mexicana Tropical seems to make a lot of desserts so I am interested to try their flan.

--Any reports on the Japanese restaurant Tozai?

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  1. Sushi Tozai is okay. I know some people that really love them. It's no Cafe Japan, though. :) Been a few years since I was there.

    1. When I worked in Sebastopol I used to eat at El Cornel once a week and they also catered any events or meetings we had at work. El Cornel is fantastic, its the 2nd best mexican food in town with the 1st best service. Ochoa's is by far the best food but the service sucks.

      1. Links:

        Sushi Tozai
        7531 Healdsburg Ave, Sebastopol, CA 95472

        Himalayan Tandoori & Curry House
        969 Gravenstein Ave, Sebastopol, CA

        El Coronel
        1015 Gravenstein Ave, Sebastopol, CA 95472

        Viva Mexicana
        841 Gravenstein Hwy S, Sebastopol, CA

        1. I'm afraid to go to Sebastopol. Screaming Mimi's and Patisserie Angelica are right around the corner from each other. And the chocolate place is around the other corner.

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            -I enjoy Tozai very much. I haven't been in a while, but ahint would be to go Friday for lunch, sit at the bar and let the chefs give you what's most fresh (they've mentioned to me before that they get a big delivery Friday morning)
            - While I've only been once, I really liked Himalyan as well - super fresh with little interesting twists
            - El Coronel is a standby (mainly, I suppose, because I can walk there in 5 minutes). It's not great, though. My biggest complaint is that they use packaged pre-fried/baked tostadas and taco shells. I disagree with fyoulady on Ochoa's - a little lacking in flavor for my taste. I'll have to try Viva. In general, I'm disappointed by West County Mexican restaurants.

          2. Any updates on Himalayan Tandoori & Curry House?

            Himalayan Tandoori & Curry House
            969 Gravenstein Ave, Sebastopol, CA

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            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Sorry, I don't remember which dishes we ordered, can only give an overall impression.

              Went there recently while walking Sebastopol & enjoyed both a chicken dish & a vegetable dish with nann. I found the sauces delightfully different, flavorful and thicker than usual. We arrived at end of Saturday lunch and the waiter and friend were making music - an extra treat.

              Don't know that I'd travel from afar for a special meal, but I had good food at a good price in good company.

              1. re: Columba

                Thanks, maybe I'll have momos this weekend.

              2. re: Melanie Wong

                Had lunch at Himalayan Tandoori today. The momos were good as was the accompanying sauce.. The Express Lunch offerings are a good deal. Comes with cup of soup, entree, salad, brown/white rice, naan, and a small dessert for $9.99 to $10.99 depending on your entree choice. I had the chicken curry and my husband had the lamb curry. The lamb curry was a bit too "lamb-y" for me but really good sauce. The dessert was rice pudding (made with basmati rice with hints of cardamom, I think). I don't usually like rice pudding, but this was a yummy batch. The waiter was very friendly and constantly smiling. We will definitely go back.

                1. re: carolineinthecity

                  Thanks for the report. I didn't make it there last week, but I'll have to try harder, especially to catch the lunch deal.