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Sep 4, 2007 02:56 PM

Zest and the One-Shrimp shrimp wrap

Need to clarify something...Is Zest in Westport owned by the same people that own Da-Pietro's? I recall reading something about this in the past. Even if it isn't, I'm suspecting the same cheap evil forces are behind the two resturants. Previously, I wrote about Da Pietro's trying to subsitute morells with cheaper mushrooms and selling outrageously priced lobster pasta with tiny particles of lobster. Well, now I may have found the only one-shrimp shrimp wrap in the world of otherwise huge sandwich wraps. Obviously, it may as well have been a harmless typo. Maybe, they just forgot the "a" from the description. Should have said: Shrimp wrap with a marinated shrimp, vegetables and citrus dressing.

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  1. It is owned by the same people as Da Pietro's. I posted a long time ago about our experience at Zest, but didn't get much response. We've been there twice, once for dinner, once for breakfast...and will not go back. Ever. The food was terrible, the service was bizarre. I mean how can you screw up breakfast? At dinner, every entree came with the same blob of spinach and mashed potatoes. The menu said one thing and the actual ingredients that came to the table were different. I think we noticed that black beans are different from cannelini beans! Too bad, we were finally optimistic that Westport would get a decent restaurant!

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      I agree on Zest, I didn't like it either.