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Sep 4, 2007 02:43 PM

Moroccan Cuisine - Recommendations

I'm interested in trying traditional Moroccan cuisine. Seems these restaurants in Los Angeles have "set" menus. Would like to know your recommendations between these options for a first time diner: Dar Maghreb, Chameau, Moun of Tunis, Koutobia. Thanks!

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  1. Bobouch Morrocan in San Pedro is definitely worth a look see.

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      Mmmmm. Thinking about Babouch makes my mouth water!!!!!!!

    2. The best "set" menu or tasting menu at a Moroccan place is at Tagine, IMHO. Here's a link to a photographic review from fellow hound Perceptor for an illustration of the kind of menu they serve:

      I also like Chameau, but I'm not sure if they do a fixed menu.

      132 N Robertson Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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        I finally tried Chameau recently after wanting to go a long time and was totally charmed by the food and experience. I had a fantastic roasted halibut in an addictivly tangy charmoula sauce, and shared a sardine app (excellent) and cous cous (wonderfully fluffy and light). I loved the retro modern feel inside the restaurant and service was very gracious and helpful. Can't wait to go back!

      2. Tagine is popular here, but I think it's made a definite slide since it first opened, moving away from real Moroccan food, with salads and grilled fish and other items more reminiscent of a dining room at the Westin Raleigh-Durham than a souk in Ouarzazate. The b'stilla there is solid, though.

        My vote is for Chameau. It's got a touch of Provençal influence, but it's still solidly Moroccan. The duck b'stilla is light, the merguez sausages are made in-house, the bread is specifically baked for the restaurant at Diamond Bakery next door, and the couscous and tagine dishes are perfectly executed. Chameau is light Moroccan, as opposed to Tagine's "lite" Moroccan.

        Chameau Restaurant
        339 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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          I absolutely agree with your assessment. We used to go to Tagine when it first opened, but then it seemed to change.

          I have never been to Koutoubia but the menu looks good. Any thoughts?

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            Never been to Koutoubia. If you try it, I'd love your thoughts. It seems more traditional Moroccan, but without the belly dancers and sitting on pillows à la Dar Maghreb.

        2. I like Moun of Tunis, because I can get the B'rick (however it's spelled) without nuts there. The food is good.

          But recently, I tried Simon's Place in Sherman Oaks, and it was AMAZING! The Cous Cous royal and moist lamb tagine were fabulous. Live music on certian nights, but no belly dancers.

          So I guess Dar Mahgreb and Simon's Place are my faves.

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          1. re: Diana

            I've only been to Dar Maghreb and I love it there. The food is pretty good but the atmosphere and ambiance are great! It's like you're in a palace. And the belly dancers are hot, too!