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Sep 4, 2007 02:38 PM

clear chicken soup

I'm hoping someone can help me out. I was trying to duplicate the chicken soup my mother used to make. I'm talking about jewish style, Friday night (for lack of a better description) chicken soup. Mine tasted good but it was quite dark and not at all like the crystal clear broth my mother made. Hers was similar in color to a glass of white wine, it was that clear. I did not use a kosher chicken, but I did skim the pot as it was cooking. Anybody know what the trick is to getting a clear broth...please help.

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  1. I make my chicken stock , take out all the stuff(chicken, clelery , carrots, etc) , put it in the refrig overnight. The next day, I remove all the fat that has formed on the top. I then strain the liquid through a strainer lined with cheesecloth. The resulting stock is very clear.

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      This is the right technique for the average cook. Strain it in a fine mesh strainer before putting it in the fridge, and then meticulously scoop up the hardened fat, which will have all of the little bits of parsley, etc. in it, the next day before heating it up. Make sure that you put the strained soup away in a second, clean pot that does hot have "stuff" stuck to the bottom or sides. Skip the egg whites -- I've tried it and it might just give you more to have to scoop out. You need to know how to do this before you try it before the holiday dinner.

    2. To clarify broth, you can stir in egg whites/shells into the hot broth and then strain the broth through cheesecloth. The egg whites attach to particles in the broth that make it cloudy.

      When making the chicken soup, you just bring it to a simmer -- to me it seems that broth gets more cloudy when you bring it to a full boil.

      Here's a link to a thread from a while back with more info on how to prepare a clear stock:

      1. Also, don't put in onion skins. Yellow onion skins will impart darker color.

        For Easter eggs, I wrap my eggs in yellow onion skins, then in cheesecloth, tie up, cook, and get a marbled effect on the finished eggs.