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Sep 4, 2007 01:37 PM

Choices at the Wynn before Spamalot


I've checked out the restaurants/menus at the Wynn website and am undecided between Tableau, Corsa Cucina, and Wing Lei. Want a nice meal, not too pricey (say between $50-75 a person, no alcohol), before seeing Spamalot. Last time we went to DB Brasserie, so wanted to try somplace different. Never been to any of these places, so does anyone have any advice? What time would be reasonable for a reservation before Spamalot? 6 PM? 6:30? The show is at 8 PM. Thanks!


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  1. Tableau is delicious, and they may be closing soon for dinner, so you may want to hurry! Corsa is good, but they have lost their chef. Alex Stratta is the proposed new chef, but I don't think he has changed anything if he has even taken over yet. Still haven't been to Wing Lei, but Red8 is fantastic!

    1. Any of Steve's restaurants at the Wynn are outstanding..
      Country Club was really good last time we were there and we always have a sushi night at Okada..
      Have a great time!