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Sep 4, 2007 01:28 PM

Ethnic/specialty food lunch delivery in Cambridge/Somerville

Can anyone suggest good restaurants in the Cambridge/Somerville area that could deliver lunch for about 30 people? This is for a series of lunches at an office. Ethnic food or restaurants with some kind of specialty fare (like barbecue) are especially popular with our crowd.


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  1. This spot has gotten great reviews from both chowhound and a few of my MIT clients. I haven't been yet myself though.

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      He was shut down by a fire recently:

      No word about it on his website. Anyone know if he's back in business? In any case, his food is good but very basic and quite cheap. It is in no way fancy and it's not as good as many of the Indian restaurants around Cambridge/Somerville. It's spot on for a cheap lunch, but you can get better Indian if you have the budget for it. My personal favorite is the Kebab Factory, and I believe that they do cater:

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        I've been eating once or twice a week at Guru the Caterer and am constantly impressed with the food and the friendly service. I've been there over the last several weeks and he is open. He's trying more for a home-cooked quality to his food vs restaurant with lots of oil and butter. There's lots of good Indian food to be had but Guru is very good and relatively cheap and very deserving of success.

        1. re: Steve L

          I just want to echo the good reviews of Guru. I just went there today on a friend's recommendation and found the food to be some of the best indian I've had -- very flavorful, lots of substance (versus simply being a lot of sauce). I got the vegetarian special -- 2 vegetarian dishes, white rice and plenty of bread for just $5.50. I haven't come close to finishing it, so the rest will be my dinner. I will definitely be returning.

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            Note that you don't have to go to Somerville--there are 2 dropoff points at MIT and some more somewhere (unspecified) downtown. Looks like prices are a bit lower at the storefront, but it's not all that convenient a location. See

            1. re: Aromatherapy

              The web site says "We can drop off at a new location as long as there is a minimum order of 5 people." so the OP's 30-person office should be all set.

              (oops, should have read the rest of the thread before posting, yes, the OP is definitely all set!)

      2. Taqueria la Mexicano does very good catering ... you could do a tamale party or something (anything) involving their carnitas and chilles rellenos. Skip the tortas. Give Roberto a call and he'll work within your budget.

        Cantine La Mexicana
        247 Washington St, Somerville, MA 02143

        1. Two of my favorite go-to delivery places to my abode in North Cambridge are Redbones in Davis Square and Qingdao Garden in North Cambridge. (One of my longer Qingdao posts is at <>, and a longer Redbones review is at < You can try calling them to see if they'd be willing to take on an order for 30.

          55 Chester St, Somerville, MA 02144

          Qingdao Garden Restaurant
          2382 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140

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            Redbones delivers by least smaller orders.

          2. Hey, great question - I'd love some good, interesting lunch catering rec's. I am so sick of bag lunches with sandwiches at meetings!

            My suggestion: Blue Ribbon Barbecue. They will deliver, and bring more (good) food than one can possibly eat. Order for about five people than you need!

            1. A belated thank-you to everyone who answered --- these are all great suggestions and I particularly want to add my voice to the chorus of praise for Guru the Caterer. The food was great and Pushp (the proprietor) is fantastic to work with on big delivery orders like this. Anyone out there doing an informal lunch of about this size, definitely consider Guru!

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              1. re: HCH

                What can you tell us about the food at Guru? I love the idea of this place but have been denied both times I remembered to check it out. (Once he was away with a note on the door and the other he just wasn't there.) Any specifics on what he made for you would be much appreciated.

                1. re: yumyum

                  I'm answering my own question ... I had lunch from Guru the Caterer today and it was delicious. They do a chicken combo, a veg combo and a lamb or goat combo at lunch. I had the goat curry, palak paneer, with rice and paratha. The goat was definitely oily but in a good way (careful of the bones, though) but the spinach was really really good, without a ton of butter like you usually find in restaurant Indian food in Boston. The paratha was identical to the Jackson Heights imports you find in the freezer section at the Indian groceries in town, but I don't fault him for bringing that stuff in, it's great. Pushp told me he's really very busy with catering, and even busier next week. I'd definitely put Guru on the short list for catering a lunch or dinner party.

                  1. re: yumyum

                    You are wrong in assuming that Pushp buys frozen parathas/ rotis. It is against the very philosophy of the place.

                    Please check with him when you are there next time.

                    1. re: jillu

                      I'm pretty sure the partha is made in-house, too. I was chatting with someone else in line (of Indian descent) who lives by his paratha. We had a tasty take-away this week - one veg (chana masala) and one chicken tikka masala. Veg came with cauliflower+potato curry side and the chicken came with the same chana masala (if the kitchen weren't so small and not manned by just Pushpindr, I would've liked to see at least one more option other than the chana masala). Both came with rice and paratha. Scumptious. We never don't feel as full after eating his food as we do after other Indian that because he doesn't use as much ghee? I have no idea, but I like it!

                      1. re: digga

                        Definitely not as oily. The test? How long the leftovers take to nuke. Much longer than expected.