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24-hour food joints

Does anyone have suggestions for the best 24-hour food in the Washington area? This could be diners, bakeries, street food, even sno-cones -- as long as they're serving til the break of dawn, I'm interested. The wackier, the better. Thoughts?

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  1. Well my favorite spot is The Diner on 18th Street in Adams Morgan. When I lived in the neighborhood I ate there around once a week. I just really like the staff and the feeling that I was a regular. The food is pretty good for what it is as well.

    There are not a whole lot of 24-hour restaurants that I know of in the DC area. I think Kramerbooks might be open 24-hours on the weekends.

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      Yechon in Annandale.
      Bistro Francais in Gtown isn't 24 hours, but is open till 3am, 4am on Fri and Sat.
      Tastee Diner in Silver Spring.

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        I 2nd Bistro Francais for their late night option. I don't know about you but I would prefer steak frites and escargot at 3am after going out to a disgusting piece of Jumbo Slice. :)

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          Yechon only serves booze until 2:00am. Nothing like ordering a plate of something spicy at 1:45am and having your waiter standing over you waiting to pull your beer at 1:55 am on the dot! But it is my late night food spot of choice.

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            I'm guessing that the Commonwealth of Virginia has something to do with that. There are a few other Korean places in Annandale that advertise that they're open 24 hours a day, but we haven't tried them. Yechon rocks.

      2. Bob and Edith's on Columbia Pike in South Arlington.

        1. I know Amphora is 24 hour.

          1. Steak and Eggs, on Wisconsin north of Tenleytown.

            1. I like steak 'n egg, it's a great atmosphere if you get to know the people. But only certain items are good. I love the smoky mountain burger, and they do make a good patty melt, plus the hash brown with the works is good just because of the combination of ingredients

              1. Tastee Diners in Silver Spring, Bethesda, and Laurel.

                Kabob Palace in Crystal City.

                There are two Bob & Ediths. I prefer the one further west on Columbia.

                If you really want to take your life in your own hands, there are a few 24-Hour Taco Bells around NoVA. (You didn't mention whether you wanted the food to actually be edible.)

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                  Well if food quality is no pre-req then we might as well throw in Mario's it is open very late. I think I ate a meatball sub there, but can't remember too well. I can't rememer exactly but I think BF was trying to get food in me one night when I was gone and a meatball sub (I wanted one from Sheetz apparently also had no clue where I was, too) was all I would eat. Needless to say can't remember quality, but it was open. One of my better moments I am sure, hahahaha.

                2. Bens is open until...what...3 or 4?

                  Baltimore...paper moon is 24/7...and Blue Moon is open from 11pm-3pm.

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                    In addition to Ben's, Oohs and Aahs at least had been running a late night menu until 3 or 4 as well - including chicken and waffles!

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                        FYI, They closed @ 10 tonight on a Saturday. I made a special trip specifically for the chicken and waffles.

                    1. La Flor de Puebla bakery in Riverdale is open 24/7. Very good.


                      1. Hey, as long as people are starting with the late-but-not-24-hours, I'd like to reccomend George's King of Falafel (and Cheesesteaks) on the 1200 block of 28th street. As much as the name probably connotes bad fusion, it's actually pretty good. Excellent orange blossom lemonade, and they have good turkish coffee too which a lot of places don't have. The kubideh is really good - actually, pretty much everything they have is good. It's near Georgetown but off the ritzy part and doesn't have the Georgetown feel at all.