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Sep 4, 2007 12:25 PM

24-hour food joints

Does anyone have suggestions for the best 24-hour food in the Washington area? This could be diners, bakeries, street food, even sno-cones -- as long as they're serving til the break of dawn, I'm interested. The wackier, the better. Thoughts?

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  1. Well my favorite spot is The Diner on 18th Street in Adams Morgan. When I lived in the neighborhood I ate there around once a week. I just really like the staff and the feeling that I was a regular. The food is pretty good for what it is as well.

    There are not a whole lot of 24-hour restaurants that I know of in the DC area. I think Kramerbooks might be open 24-hours on the weekends.

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    1. re: Elyssa

      Yechon in Annandale.
      Bistro Francais in Gtown isn't 24 hours, but is open till 3am, 4am on Fri and Sat.
      Tastee Diner in Silver Spring.

      1. re: JoshInDC

        I 2nd Bistro Francais for their late night option. I don't know about you but I would prefer steak frites and escargot at 3am after going out to a disgusting piece of Jumbo Slice. :)

        1. re: JoshInDC

          Yechon only serves booze until 2:00am. Nothing like ordering a plate of something spicy at 1:45am and having your waiter standing over you waiting to pull your beer at 1:55 am on the dot! But it is my late night food spot of choice.

          1. re: deangold

            I'm guessing that the Commonwealth of Virginia has something to do with that. There are a few other Korean places in Annandale that advertise that they're open 24 hours a day, but we haven't tried them. Yechon rocks.

      2. Bob and Edith's on Columbia Pike in South Arlington.

        1. I know Amphora is 24 hour.

          1. Steak and Eggs, on Wisconsin north of Tenleytown.

            1. I like steak 'n egg, it's a great atmosphere if you get to know the people. But only certain items are good. I love the smoky mountain burger, and they do make a good patty melt, plus the hash brown with the works is good just because of the combination of ingredients