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Sep 4, 2007 12:17 PM

Large Party of 20-24 near Downtown tonight!

Need recs for a restaurant near downtown LA. We are a law firm in Beverly Hills just wrapping up a trial and our co-counsel is from Wash DC, so we want to show them LA is the best food city in the world. We need a restaurant that can handle a party of 20+ which includes chowish food for vegetarians and carnivores alike. We tried Mozza (I know what the response will be), no luck. We thought casual with lots of chowish options and a beer/wine list would be best. Come on LA from one hound to another, HELP!

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  1. Last minute, party of that size - how about Korean BBQ? Tahoe Kalbi is nice. You can call ahead and see if they will accomodate you in one of their private rooms. $14.94 per person includes beer or korean wine (soju). Or you can try brazilian bbq - M Grill in Koreatown. Both places should have vegetarian options but definitely a place for carnivores.

      1. Try Pacific Dining Car near downtown.
        Always good food and great prime rib.

        1. I'm so curious about where you ended up and how it turned out! Can you let us know?