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Sep 4, 2007 11:58 AM

Need places to eat from NJ to FLA


I’m driving from NJ to Florida in two weeks and wanted to know of some nice decent restaurants we should stop in to eat. All foods welcome.



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  1. I've done that a couple of times. If you want a nice break, get off 95 in Savannah there's some good eats. And a pretty city. Sorry I don't have names...check the southern board.

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      THANKS! I will check out the SB... Im staying for the night near Savannah... so this may work out for us.

      1. re: plove53

        There are lots of great restaurants in Savannah. Also, my parents like to stop there and go to Lady and Sons (Paula Deen's restaurant). They do a southern family style dinner there that is supposed to be great.

    2. Hi-

      You will want to post querires about your road trip on both the South and the Florida boards. Chowhounds, please use this thread to discuss the chow in New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.


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        1. In Wilmington, DE, Harry's Savoy Grill on Naaman's Road would not be too far off your route (495 South) and has very tasty food. Culinaria is also good and only a few minutes off 495 (but I'm not sure if they are open for lunch).