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Seattle Metropolitan Grill

Let me hear something...anything... good about this place. I have been working on my 8 day trip to Seattle and this board has been very helpful with restaurant selections. I just found out today that the company president (based in Michigan) is hosting dinner at the Metropolitan Grill one evening. I really haven't read any recent good reviews So, is there anything redeeming about this place? Any fans out there to cheer me on? What are the dress expectations?

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  1. The food is comparable (or better, depending on who you ask) to Ruth's Chris or Morton's nearby. Regarding dress code - very few restaurants on the west coast (and probably none in the Pacific NW) require dressing up during dinner hours. I've seen people dine in shorts in all of the restaurants mentioned, and even places like Canlis. So don't worry too much about that.

    1. don't know what bad things you may have read but i think metropolitan is the best of the traditional steakhouses in seattle - i have always been treated like a valued guest and have never had a complaint about the quality or quantity of the provender. not a tad trendy, not a shred of arugula to be found, dark wood panelling, white linen, a bit heavy on the testosterone (it's a steakhouse...) - just be happy someone else is picking up the check. as for dress, no one in seattle really cares but this is a place where business attire seems appropriate (especially as you will be attending a company function) though i have been there in khakis and a hawaiian shirt with no hint of a problem.

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        I completely agree. Chowhound, in fact, is the only place I've read bad reviews of this place, and I have to say I'm pretty skeptical of some of those posters' tastes based on other places they like (if you've spent much time here, you probably know there is a WIDE variety of tastes on this board). The steak is definitely better than those chains mentioned above (those places don't even dry age). I can see not wanting to dump your own $$ here-though I like it, it's not what I pick when I want to splurge-but if someone else is picking up the tab I can't imagine you'd have any complaints.

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          "... I'm pretty skeptical of some of those posters' tastes based on other places they like (if you've spent much time here, you probably know there is a WIDE variety of tastes on this board). "

          I love your comment! ;)

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            There's a great thread about this going on on the Toronto board right now:


      2. It's definitely worth the trip if someone else is paying. It's not mind-blowing food. The ambiance is okay, and the service is inconsistent, but will probably be better for a large party with a big tab. The Met has this insanely tall chocolate cake, if you're into that sort of thing.

        1. tell the company president to change the venue to Canlis and order the Kobe steak

          1. jmsuss, I know this sound's crazy, but if you can, order their onion rings to go with your steak. Pure heaven.

            1. Thanks everyone - I am new to this board although I have participated in others so I can appreciate the WIDE range of opinions. I guess the bottom line is someone else is paying. My recollection from the last dinner we had in DC was that he loves fine wine and was not afraid to order and order and order...
              With everything is perspective it should be a great evening!!

              1. I've been there about four times; once for an office party and the times with my dad. It's been great on each occasion. The foods not subtle or complex, but the steaks are always excellent, the service top-notch and the ambiance is very classy. It is what it is - an upscale, old fashioned steakhouse. If you like that sort of thing, you'll be happy.