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Sep 4, 2007 11:40 AM

Epicurious Article v. Chowhound

I'm coming into town this weekend and was using an "essential restaurant guide" article I was reading on They raved about La Petite Grocery and I've made a reservation there . . . but after reading the postings here I'm beginning to have second thoughts. We're staying in the Quarter but don't mind a reasonable cab ride. The article mentioned a "grown-up, but hip vibe" which what attracted me originally. We eat everything but have a hankering for seafood. Thanks, Gina

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  1. Well, the obvious questions are where you have previously eaten in New Orleans, and how many meals you plan on having while on this trip. If this is your first time here, and you only have a few opportunities to eat out, I wouldn't consider La Petite one of the essential places to go; while it is good, I could name at least 20 other places off the top of my head where I think you could expect a much better meal.

    As far as La Petite Grocery being "hip," that's not really the vibe my wife and I picked up while dining there.

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      Unfortunately, we are only going to enjoy two dinners (Thurs. Fri of this week) and, hopefully, one good lunch on Friday during this trip - going up to Baton Rouge for the VA Tech/LSU football game on Saturday. Although I've been to NO many times, this is my first visit since K. I've been to most of the established French Quarter places - Mr. Bs, Bayona, K Paul, NOLA, to name a few. This trip was rather spur of the moment, so if reservations are a must, I might be too late already. I don't mind straying out of the Quarter at all - but my hotel is on Iberville.

      1. re: Gina Miller

        I've been to La Petite twice in the past couple of months, and thought it was very good both times, but like they said above, not sure if I'd go there for one of 2 dinners in town. Have you been to Clancy's? Or Dick and Jenny's?

        1. re: JGrey

          I have been to neither - both look like excellent choices. One review I read of Dick & Jenny's mentioned the tradition of patrons "sipping cocktails while they wait outside for a table". Do they provide the cocktails or should we bring our own wine? (don't want to get thirsty waiting for our table.) And although I don't mind waiting and sipping, is there a time to avoid to prevent a really long wait?

          1. re: Gina Miller

            There is a full bar, so you get the drinks there.

            You can come at 5:30 and get in without a wait.

    2. La Petite's original chef left the place. He recently opened his own spot: Bistro Daisy, also on Magazine St.

      1. The original comment has been removed