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Sep 4, 2007 11:31 AM

Long weekend in Portland (former resident)

(First time posting here.)

I lived in Portland for about 4 years (left in 2000), and I’ve been back about ½ a dozen times since then. When I lived there, I was going to college and working as a bellman and concierge at a hotel. Needless to say, I was very much on top of the restaurant scene…back then. Hugo’s was my top place, but it was when Hugo’s dad was at the helm. From what I’ve gathered, it is much different now.

I’m very glad I’ve checked in here, as it seems that there have been some fantastic new additions to an already great restaurant environment (a “new” Hugo’s, 555, Duckfat, etc.)

My wife and I are headed up for a long weekend starting Thursday, and I’m trying to come up with loose dining plans for our trip. Here is what I’m thinking now, but I’d love input.

Friday breakfast: probably Becky’s, for simplicity and old-times sake;

Friday lunch: we’ll get lobsters steamed for us, then go out to Two Lights state park and eat them on the rocks. For any of you tourists (which I guess I am now), this is one of the best ways to eat Maine lobster;

Friday happy hour: Port Hole;

Friday dinner: up for suggestions, but we’d probably need something casual/not-too expensive, per our hosts. This is where I’m looking for something new, which wouldn’t be on my radar. Perhaps this would be a good time for Duckfat? There will be 5 of us;

Saturday breakfast: most likely BreaLu café. Love it;

Saturday: Again, up for suggestions. I was thinking, FOR THE EXPERIENCE (mostly for my wife), that we’d take the ferry to Peak’s Island and get a late lunch at the Cockeyed Gull. However, if that place is super disappointing, we won’t do that. Thoughts on the Gull? I never went.

Saturday dinner: With the talk about 555 and Hugo’s, I’d love to hit up their bars and try out a few light dishes from the bar menu. It really depends on what we do for lunch, and how late we do it.

Sunday brunch: How is the brunch at 555? They don’t have the menu on their website. Oftentimes, the brunch menu isn’t a good measure of the dinner…but, that could be different here. Any “new” places in Portland that serve up a mean brunch?

Thanks for your opinions/suggestions.

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  1. I love Cockeyed Gull and have sent several people there who loved it too. I had several meals there, breakfast, lunch and two dinners - all fabulous, many dishes with a korean touch but not all. Their calamari at lunch was fabulous, very nice light batter and flavor, beautiful done, hubby got a vry nice haddock sandwich. Dinner I remember was excellent - hanger steak done perfect and perfect scallops with an asian sauce. I really loved this place and think it's well worth the trip, the view is so nice too and the ferry ride, the whole package is nice. Service was great, nice people.

    1. I think the Marriott has the best brunch (buffee) in Portland including eggs cooked to order, plus lots and lots more.

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        Thanks, but that's where I used to work. No desire to revisit. However, it is a good brunch.

        1. re: ryanpederson

          Maple Organics for ice cream! And forgeddabout bringing your own lobster to Two Lights Park! The lobster shack out there has outstanding crabmeat rolls that shouldn't be missed!

      2. For the Saturday dinner, if you want a hopping bar with good food, I'd recommend the relocated Local 188 (in the old plasma donation place across from Longfellow Square). And I am NOT Jay Villani.

        1. Brunch at 555 is quite nice -- the menu ranges from upscale standards that pleased my central Maine father-in-law to more creative stuff that wowed the foodies in the group. We last went there for brunch on Mother's Day, so perhaps the menu was a bit spiffier than normal. But I would definitely recommend it as a way to get a glimpse of what Steve Corry's up to, at really reasonable prices. Only caveat is that the wait staff pushes a little hard on drinks, cheese courses and other ways to make the brunch crowd a bit more lucrative for them.