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Sep 4, 2007 11:24 AM

I did see it! Lucky 3 Dimsum Buffet Dinner AND Weekends

Visited Lucky 3 again (I should call it "Lucky Me" for being so good and so close) - what WAS a dim sum lunch buffet available for $10.95 weekdays only has some new hours:

Weekday lunch $10.95 11am-3pm
Weekday Dinner $12.95 5:30pm-10pm
Weekend Lunch $12.95 10:30am-2:30pm

No word on whether dinner/weekend will bring expanded offerings, but what more could you want anyway?

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I have always wished they would offer the buffet weekends and evenings! Must go there soon.

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    1. re: browniebaker

      "I did taw a puddytat, I did, I did!"

    2. wayne, thanks for reporting this. i called the restaurant a few weeks ago about a buffet on the weekends and got "no, sorry." i'm guessing they've received lots of similar queries. i'm happy they've made this yummy buffet available at other, easier to savor times.

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      1. re: Minger

        I wonder if they will offer the dim sum in the evenings, or other items.

        1. re: Lori D

          I have never had dim sum but would be excited to try it if it is as good as you report it to be. Does dim sum have chicken, pork, and beef? How is Lucky Three's interpretations of that meat? I don't eat seafood. What kind of things are on the buffet? are they fresh or is it a buffet just to stuff yourself?

          1. re: daves_32

            There's all kinds of dim sum but a couple of times that I popped into Lucky 3 for lunch and looked at what was on the buffet, the dumplings were heavy on shrimp and I'm sometimes allergic to some shrimp, so I didn't stay. There are pork dumplings and buns and I recall some chicken things but I can't think of a beef dim sum.

            I wonder if with the buffet at every meal, Lucky 3 will stop serving from carts. With the cart service, if I found a server who understood English well enough, I could ask him to bring me things without shrimp and had a pretty good sampling.

            1. re: MikeR

              Between the "understood English well enough" factor, the "all these things have their ingredients hidden inside" issue and the "pretty much everything might possibly have shrimp in some form, even non-shrimp items" issue, it's pretty much a roll of the dice.

            2. re: daves_32

              The Lucky Three buffet I've had during lunch offers a small competent assortment of dim sum items -- shimp balls, shui mai, veggie dumplings, pork buns, etc -- and misc hot entrees like rice congee, chinese broccoli, egg noodles etc. It's very tasty as a lunch offering compared to the other choices you can find at that hour. People may argue it's not the best dim sum -- or food -- for weekend or evenings but I like the basic competence at the right price. I would be happy to take a big group of people there and know that people can satisfy their own palates without a huge individual surprise when the bill comes, which I find is a problem too often with dim sum.

              1. re: Minger

                I like it (it's so close & affordable), and though I've seen posts praising and condemning it, I agree with your assessment - "competent" - and for the price, that's just fine with me.

            3. re: Lori D

              The sign in the window says "dim sum" alongside all three time periods.