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Sep 4, 2007 11:21 AM

Whole Foods Burgers

Just heard that the Whole Foods in Santa Monica is cooking up burgers right there in the store. I remember reading here that other Whole Foods did the same thing. Worth checking out?

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  1. With Whole Foods, it's always worth a try.

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        Whole Foods puts out some good stuff. One should not Pooh-poh a market burger un til one has tried at least one.

        I've had many a tasty meal prepped by Whole Foods, and Gelson's come to think of it.

        Whole Foods Yummies:
        Tofu Spring Rolls
        Prepped seafood salad
        Sesame Tofu Sticks
        Grilled Veggies
        Seared Tuna
        A good Omlette at the Omlette bar
        Pasteries and breads
        Salmon Chowder
        A few of the BBQ meats last July

        Poached Salmon (I ask for no sauce)
        Firecracker Shrimp
        Meat from the cutty guy, either the roast or the turkey
        Lobster sensation salad
        Vegetarian Chili
        Butternut Carrot ginger puree
        Salmon cakes
        plum duff (St PAtty's Day)
        Pasteries and breads

        and more from BOTH stores.

    1. The ones at the Third and Fairfax location are very good, with a few provisos -- you need to keep an eye on the fry cooks to make sure they don't cook it too long and to make sure you get the toppings you've requested. If you want it medium rare, make sure they check it when you think it might be near medium rare.
      It's a pain in the neck to take a freshly cooked burger through the check-out line and the bun tends to disintegrate in the process, so try to handle it carefully. The turkey burgers are good too.

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        The wait time at this location can also be really long depending on how busy they are. I've learned to order first, do my shopping, and then go back and check up on my burger.

      2. The one in Glendale does as well...they looked good but I havent tried them yet...

        1. The burgers at the WF on 3rd and Fairfax are really good, really one of the best I've had in a while. Totally agree with the other poster who said you have to watch them to make sure they cook it to the proper temperature. The cook kept saying "it won't be done" as he took it off at my behest. It was done just the way I like it though, and man was it good! Juicy, nice grilled flavor, thick but not too thick. Yum!

          1. I ordered one in Glendale two weeks ago. Apparently they have a policy to cook it "well done". It had promise ... but was a total flop. I felt ripped off as I asked for it medium rare.