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Sep 4, 2007 11:19 AM

John Day Foods (sp?) in Mississauga. Samosas.

Recently had the samosas at the Docks and I was absolutely shocked at how good they were. I mean, The Docks? What a shock. I asked the waitress, and she said that they bring them in from a place in Mississauga from someone (or perhaps a company) named John Day. That was as much info as she could provide. I'm not sure if this spelling is even correct. Does anyone know who this is... if it's a restaurant, company or private caterer... I don't have a lot of experience with samosas, but these were outstanding. Would like to track down this John Day. My theory is that where there is a good samosa, there are probably other great things to taste. Would also love to get my hands on a bottle of the spicy mango dip they use at the Docks. So good! Thanks!

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  1. Dunno. I'm partial to Kwality Sweets(Steeles+Torbram)samosas.Nice joint with simple, no BS food that's fresh and affordable.