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Sep 4, 2007 11:05 AM

Back Eddy restaurant Wesport, MA

My wife and I were in Little Compton RI over the past weekend and based on a recommendation from someone we met we tried the Back Eddy Restaurant in Westport for a late lunch. I have to say that we were both impressed with the food and nice waterside dining.

My wife started with an order of their steamers which were extremely fresh without any sand in them and perfectly cooked. I opted for a bowl of their sea clam and roasted corn chowder which was a delicious milky style soup with a nice smoky bacon and clam flavor. For mains we chose the the grilled salmon which was served over a mixture of farm fresh veggies that had been done with a nice and somewhat spicy curry flavor. I had the grilled swordfish which was served with steamed red potatoes and several slices of heirloom tomatoes. The fish was very fresh and perfectly cooked and with the potatoes and the tomatoes made a great summer meal.

The wait person suggested we try one of the desserts which are all made on the premises so we tried the key lime pie. It was excellent with a nice tart flavor and a well executed graham cracker crust.

The view from the restaurant and the service were also very good and other than being seated next to a family with two very unruly kids it was a perfect early dinner on a beautiful day.

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  1. I can't believe you posted this -- I was just about to ask if it still existed. I enjoyed it five years ago but haven't heard much about it recently. Does Chris Schlessinger still run it?

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      Hi: I am not sure if Chris Schlessinger still runs the place but even if he doesn't we found the food and the service to be excellent. There are so many summer, tourist, sit-by-the-water restaurants that just don't deliver but Back Eddy certainly did on the day we went there. I wouldn't hesitate to go back again.

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        The Back Eddy continues to be a great place to have dinner - but the wait for a table on Friday and Saturday nights in the summer can be well over an hour.

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        Chris Slesinger sold it several years ago. However, the food is still excellent.

        1. re: emilief

          Interestingly enough, even after Chris Slesinger sold the Back Eddy the place has kept a few of his signature BBQ dishes on their menu.

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          No, Chris doesn't run it anymore. It's run by Sal Liotta and Aaron DeRego and it's amazing. They've done a wonderful job.

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            I've been a great fan of the Back Eddy for the past few years (post Chris Slesinger, unfortunately) and hurried back this past April as soon as it opened. Been there for three dinners, was not as impressed as before. For one thing, the owners hang out in the dining room with their friends and family, making a lot of noise and distracting people from their own conversations and plates. Although the distraction from the plates could be intentional. The fish is still fresh and they can fry scallops, etc. But in past years, you could count on the off season menu being great - ecletic, tasty dishes with first class ingredients. The new menu is blah and the kitchen execution is below the standards they have set in the past. Amanda Peckham's name is off the menu, what else has changed? Besides those owners making a spectacle of themselves in the dining room?