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Beard Papa coming to Redwood City Too?

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News me, but the "On Broadway" renovation/redevelopment project in downtown Redwood City, due to open in May, has them and a bunch of other tenants lined up:

"About 75 percent of the ground-floor space has been leased, anchored by an 18,500-square-foot Cost Plus World Market. The other tenants include Shoe Pavilion and San Mateo County Credit Union, with dining space leased to Chipotle, Escape from NY Pizza, Fatburger, Marble Slab Creamery, Tacone, Tandoori's Oven and Beard Papa."

Link: http://www.looksmartbaseball.com/p/ar...

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  1. Gary, that's interesting news about Beard Papa being part of the redevopment project in downtown Redwood City - but will be bad for my waistline!

    I will watch for the opening and report back...

    1. Thanks for the heads up! Wow, even closer to where I live than the Yerba Buena location. Yum...

      Here is the link to my update of Beard Papa in San Francisco:


      1. Has it opened yet.. anyone know?

          1. opening date is rumor'd for oct 28.

            i'll be surprised if this is not delayed though, construction is taking awhile. it's next door to marble slab which is already open.

            1. I drive by the store front on a weekly basis and it not close to being ready. I even have met with the building inspector to see when it will be open (lives down the block from me) and he does not have a answer. But I will be bugging him every week. We need to know.

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                Right on, Yimster! We definitely need to know! I've been factoring space for those cream puffs into the most valuable real estate in the world (my tummy) since two weeks ago, and the vacuum is getting unbearable. Might have to drive to the city soon, pay big bucks to park and get a cream puff.

                1. re: pilinut

                  From what I've been reading on Chowhound they are not worth the drive or calories.

                  1. re: rworange

                    Just got back from the City, where I had the milk tea cream puff. Not bad, but not great, either. I'd wait 2 minutes, MAX, in a line for these. I still have the regular, and chocolate cream puffs, and vanilla eclair in the fridge, so there's some hope that those will be better. . .

                    I had had Beard Papa's cream puffs in Manila a few years ago, and those were really good! In my recollection, the puff was rounder, the cream was lighter but richer--altogether a more voloptuous treat.

              2. Me Too! Every week after my Weight Watchers meeting, which meets about 3 blocks from the store site, I drive by to see if anything has happened - not much except the Beard Papa sign in the window... 2.8 lbs from Goal! Have to figure out how many points...