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Sep 4, 2007 10:55 AM

Best Italian Catering on the South Shore

Can anyone please recommend a good Italian Restaurant in the Weymouth, Hanover, Hingham, Norwell area that offers catering outside of the restaurant (either pick up or delivery). I am looking to cater approximately 50 people. Some suggestions have been Ecco and Reggio's in Weymouth, but I have received mixed reviews.

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  1. Try the Venetian in Weymouth for traditional red sauce style.
    Excellent eggplant parmigiano.

    1. Chows!!! Are there any other suggestions???? Trying to set up this event for a bunch of folks and would like to come to them with several suggestions of great Italian resturants in the south shore area for them to pick from. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

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        My brother just had an open house and these people did the food and it was delicious!!!!

        Also Alfredo's in Quincy has a store you can pick up trays of lasagna, stuffed shells, etc. They have fresh bread everyday from the North End.

      2. I second Alfredo's. Have recently been to 2 parties that were catered by them, and it was surprisingly good. Everyone enjoyed all the selections. I believe all food was picked up, as opposed to delivered. I would use them myself, and my wife says I'm a very fussy Italian.

        1. I attended a party catered by Gennaros in Quincy and evrybody raved about the food--lasagna, eggplant and chicken parm, salad etc.

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            I absolutely second Gennaro's. I catered a birthday party with them, and everyone is still talking about how good the food was. It's also pretty reasonably-priced. Their Italian "standards" are great; lasagna, chicken/eggplant parm, chicken broccoli and Ziti, and they make great fresh-baked dinner rolls. I'm not sure if they deliver, though, so you may have to pick up.

          2. Thanks for the suggestions so far. Keep them coming PLEASE!!!!
            Also what do folks think about Ecco & Reggio's??? Good or Bad choices?

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              Reggio's: we've eaten there many times and have never had a bad meal. Huge portions and reasonable prices. It's a relatively small, intimate place; nice enough for a special occasion and casual enough for a quick dinner after work. Food is fresh and delicious and the service is attentive but not overly so. I've never been to Ecco.