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Cacoa Nibs?

Does anyone know where to buy these in the DC area? Does Penzey's carry this type of thing? I want to try them out for a recipe, but don't want to commit to buying online.

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  1. I noticed a package of Dagoba cacao nibs while I was standing in the check out line yesterday at MOM in College Park. I imagine their other locations (or similiar stores like Yes!) carry them as well, you might want to call the one nearest you.

    1. You might want to call Dean and Deluca and see if they carry them

      1. you might also want to try balduccis and world market.

        1. I purchased a tin at a Balducci's several years back. Call before you drive anywhere! I do not recall seeing these in either the Penzey's catalog or Rockville store.

          1. The P Street Whole Foods has them, in the bulk food aisle I think.

            1. My Organic Market carries them as well.

              1. Nibs are everywhere these days even Greetings and Readings, Starbucks etc...carry them in convenient pocket size containers...the choc. covered nibs are awesome to bake with. All Whole Foods sell them as well raw and choc covered. Most Chain grocers are carrying in the gourmet aisle or organic areas vs baking areas.
                Penzey's in Rockville does not carry these at least not as of 3 weeks ago.

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                  Unwinded Wine SHop in the Bradlee Shopping Center in Alexandria. 395&King St

                2. I bought at bag at Whole Foods in Baltimore.

                  1. Whole Foods sells Scharffenberger cacao nibs. They tend to sell out quickly, though, so you might have to check back. You can also get them at Balducci's.