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Sep 4, 2007 10:32 AM

Delivery options in SOMA

I was cooped up in my apartment sick with a bad cold a couple of weeks ago, and discovered there aren't many restaurants that deliver (other than Domino's, bless them) to South Beach. Any recommendations?

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  1. I know Mehfil delivers. Pretty good Indian. Big Nate's delivers passable BBQ citywide.

    Menupages might be useful:

    1. If you are looking for free delivery, there are quite a few restaurants that deliver that are way better than Dominos. Check the yellow pages under pizza ... but skip Mr. Pizza Man.

      The Front Room was one of the better pizza places that delivered to that area.

      I went through the whole menu over the years, it's not that great, but Big Nate's delivers for free. I'm not sure about the status of Mefil since the fire, but at one time they delivered at night.

      For a fee, Waiters on Wheels delivers from a large number of restaurants.

      If you plan ahead, some of the markets like Safeway will deliver. You need to order the day before.

      1. Amici's delivers good pizza and decent pastas. My wife liked North Beach PIzza, it was too bready for me.

        For Asian you have Brandy Ho's and Tu Lan (i think that's the name). Both do Chinese and the latter also does some Japanese. Neither is stellar but both will do in a pinch.

        I ordered big Nates delivery a few times when I was craving BBQ, I was almost always disappointed. The pork was the only consistently above average dish IMO.

        Mr Pizza Man delivers until 4am which is the big plus, the bad food being the big minus :-)

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          Neither Brandy Ho or Tu Lan delivers. North Beach pizza was good at one time, but as they open each new restaurant it goes downhill. Besides being too bready the there is no restraint with the cheese ... that might sound like a good thing, but 1/2 inch of melted cheese covering the surface makes for a leaden pizza.

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            I think Fussy Foodie may be confusing Tu Lan (Vietnamese) with Fu War or some other Chinese place that delivers.

            1. re: rworange

              Are you sure about Brandy Ho's? When I lived at 3rd and Folsom about 6 months ago I would regularly get menus that advertised free delivery throughout the city.

              And the other one I was thinking of is Tao Yin. So-so Chinese and Japanese with free delivery.

              1. re: Fussy Foodie

                You lived in the nabe more recently than I did.

                1. re: rworange

                  Then I'm pretty sure Brandy Ho's delivers.

          2. Mikado sushi delivers (so you can get udon delivered, too).
            mehfil or india garden.
            crazy monkey sushi.
            jasmine tea house.

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            1. re: margieco

              oh, and bowzer's pizza delivers too.

            2. You can try Jade Cafe (Potrero Hill) for decent, cheap Chinese food. For pizza, try Extreme Pizza or North Beach Pizza (though, they aren't that fantastic in my opinion as far as pizza goes). For American/Italian fare, try The Front Room - although I'm not sure if they closed (I used to order from them all the time). Of course, you can also check for more restaurant options that deliver too.