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Sep 4, 2007 10:30 AM

Best lobster ceviche in the whole land (Ecuador)

If I must make just one food recommendation in my life, this is it.
For those traveling along the coast of Ecuador, especially the surfers on their way to Montañita, make time to stop by the little beach town of Ayangue. In addition to having a nice little beach, there is one woman there by the name of María who owns a little shack on the sand. Since I was a kid, I've been eating her lobster ceviches with abandon. Last time I went (2 years ago), the ceviche was getting a bit pricey relative to what food normally costs in the country: $5, but totally worth it. It's a HUGE bowl of scrumptuous lobster ceviche that will make you salivate every time that you think of it... for the rest of your life.

Ayangue is super-easy to get to, by bus or private transportation, right along the road to known as the Ruta del Sol, and VERY close to Montañita and Ballenita, which are more popular tourist spots. You must check it out if taveling in coastal Ecuador.

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