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Sep 4, 2007 10:03 AM

Best places to eat at the bar (Dallas)?

I am wondering where people really enjoy eating at the bar in Dallas. I am looking to for a great wine and food atmosphere.


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  1. St. Martins on Greenville has a nice bar and ususally has live piano music. For more upscale you might try Fearings or Stephen Pyles.

      1. re: Dallas Alice

        The Grape was sold and next weekend is when they turn over the keys to the new owner. It was one of our favorite places for reasonably priced wine dinners.

        1. re: mjtx

          I'm sure The Grape will still be good. I remember the new owner being the chef there a while ago - he did a great job. I wonder where he's been.

          1. re: pepper131

            His name is Brian Luscher. He's been out at TPC Craig's Ranch where he won a couple of awards - I think he won best Private Club Chef or something while he was out there. He also won an award from the Texas Beef Council and I believe he won the Caesar Salad competition as well. He's clearly an ultra-talented chef.

            I absolutely loved Michael Weinstein's food. I think he's tremendously talented and the only thing that held him back were the low price points at The Grape.

            I still say The Grape's Lunch Burger - which I'm going to have for the last time along with a bottle of red wine at 130 pm - is the best in town. End of story.

            I'm really excited with new ownership. Hopefully Brian Luscher can come in and freshen the place up and make it just a bit more "lively". I've met him, and he's full of youthful exuberance!!

            I'm expecting good things from The Grape. I'll be going next week to try Brian's first menu. I'll report back and let everyone know what I think.

            1. re: Epicurious Esquire

              I'm really looking forward to Luscher returning. I thought he was much better than Weinstein. I had two truly horrible meals under Weinstein, so we stopped going to The Grape entirely.

              I'm looking forward to going back. I've taken a number of cooking classes with Luscher and he has some really great recipes.

              The Grape bar is a little treasure. It's so funky I hope they don't redecorate it. It's a great place for a bottle of wine and some appetizers or a cheese plate.

              1. re: dalaimama

                I probably ate at The Grape twice a week with Weinstein as chef. I never ate there when Luscher was the chef.

                I thought Weinstein was absolutely fabulous. His desserts were as good as anything in Dallas and I loved his high-falutin' concepts. I believe what held him back were the low price points mandated by the owners.

                Tonite is Luscher's first nite. I'll be going sometime in the next few days and I can't wait. I'll let ya'll know what I think.

      2. If wine were not a requirement, Tei Tei on Henderson.

        Often the bar at Hisbiscus is rockin' and they have a new sommelier who came from Per Se (I think).

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        1. re: pepper131

          Stephen Pyles has a large bar area /communal dining area.

          1. re: majmaj4

            I would second Local. Great bar area with great drinks.

        2. Two Rows on Greenville at the north end of Old Town. We were there this weekend for an early Saturday dinner, and there was a good crowd watching Big 12 football and eating at the bar. Good food, too! I had the Fish Tacos and hubby had Greek Chicken.

          1. Best new hot spot--the bar overlooking the kitchen in Dean's Kitchen at Fearing's in the Ritz-Carlton;
            Seafood--Oceanaire (crab cakes and fries);
            Around a few years but still excellent at the bar--Abacus and Al Biernat's;
            Steak--Pappas Bros. or Capital Grill;
            Dallas high society--Cafe Pacific; and